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J. J. Guest reviews IDSPISPOPD: "Smashing Pumpkins" January 28, 2015
"So far as I can tell, this gory tale, centred around the programmers behind 'DOOM' isn't interactive at all. There's something that looks..." - See full review
J. J. Guest reviews Lime Ergot: "—in the ::::: lime ::::: light :::::" January 28, 2015
"The most frightening of the Ectocomp 2014 games that I've played so far, Lime Ergot creates a genuinely unsettling atmosphere for all the..." - See full review
J. J. Guest reviews Devil's Food: "A Piece of Cake" January 28, 2015
"A lot of good quality writing has gone into this fast and funny Ectocomp entry. It's highly amusing and well worth playing, even if your..." - See full review
J. J. Guest reviews Eclosion: "Pharates Lost" January 28, 2015
"A creepy bit of body horror from the author of last year's equally disturbing Boogle. A parasite of some sort must complete a number of..." - See full review
verityvirtue reviews Inward Narrow Crooked Lanes : "Twice any anger ran ragged its long ladder against the roof rough with orchids." January 27, 2015
"I really liked the blurb. It sounds snarky. It sounds like it could be a satire. It sounds like it could be fun. The game itself, though,..." - See full review
jgerrie reviews The Quest: "A simple adventure for a simpler time" January 26, 2015
"This game is not for serious gamers. It will be of interest only to those interested in BASIC programming and the modest programs that..." - See full review

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Curse of Vengeance, by Scott McNab

Fairly typical Dungeons & Dragons meets text adventure. Includes extremely simple combat system, armor and weapon classes, and a 'Save...

Fellowship of the Ring, by Adam Thornton

Winter Wonderland, by Tim Walsha and Simon Lipscomb
Having studied and practised Anthropology for over 10 years, you had all but given up on your dreams to make some great discovery that...

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