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A new listing for younggayandstupid.blogspot.com, by Midorix October 24, 2014
A peek into a nine day log of an online journal belonging to a nameless, gay college freshman.
Sobol reviews The Gostak: "A rorm and snave halpock" October 23, 2014
"It's tavid to doatch about this halpock without fargishing scurm-brolges; let's just doach it's very snave, rorm and dobbly... if..." - See full review
A new Recommended List by @Johnnydjent, Library October 23, 2014
1 item
Games that I have not yet played, but will.
Sobol reviews Glass: "I like it" October 23, 2014
"The game clearly belongs to the escape-the-one-room genre. The winning ending - the one where you become a pirate - is hard to find,..." - See full review
OtisTDog reviews Final Assault of the Big Green Cliches: "Intriguing little vignette." October 23, 2014
"This decade-old SpeedIF entry takes only a few minutes to complete, and is not a fully-developed work by any means. Still, it seemed..." - See full review
dutchmule reviews Harold Night (2003): "Fun and full of inside knowledge and lingo" October 23, 2014
"This game is about improv, from a perspective that is of the insider; hence, I don't know if people who don't know a thing about improv..." - See full review

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Curse of Vengeance, by Scott McNab

Fairly typical Dungeons & Dragons meets text adventure. Includes extremely simple combat system, armor and weapon classes, and a 'Save...

Gartin Manor, by Greg Gioia

Fire Island, by Greg Gioia

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