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Club Zork
Listed on IFDB June 3, 2018; 1 member

CLUB ZORK Club Zork is a diner known by its motto, " Where the G.U.E.'S. Elite Meet." SOURCE(S): Zork II ( The GUE on 9 Zorkmids a Day)

Oxford and London Interactive Fiction Group
Listed on IFDB May 4, 2018; 3 members

We are 609 IF fans Meet to play and discuss interactive fiction of all kinds, from classic Zork-style text adventures to Twine games to interactive ebooks. And if you're an IF writer as well as reader and player, this is a chance to find...

Soda Pop Productions
Listed on IFDB April 10, 2018; 1 member

We are Soda Pop Productions, the people who brought you the award-winning game Coke Is It! We mostly hang out on ifMUD, so check us out on there!

Italian IF Club
Listed on IFDB March 27, 2018; 4 members

A club dedicated to Italian-language IF players and authors from around the world. Discussion and news of IF works and events in Italian.

Listed on IFDB March 1, 2018; 1 member

NightFloyd meet in the Toyshop on ifMUD every Thursday night at 10:30pm, Eastern Standard Time. We use the #clubfloyd channel. We are basically a nighttime version of ClubFloyd.

Theory Club
Listed on IFDB March 1, 2018; 1 member

Theory Club meets every second Saturday of the month on ifMUD to discuss the theory of interactive fiction.

The Get Lamp Adventurer's Club
Listed on IFDB February 27, 2018; 1 member

A club where you can talk about Get Lamp.

Timejumping Adventurer's Club (TAC)
Listed on IFDB February 25, 2018; 1 member

The TAC is a club within the Adventurerís Society. We do a lot of timejumping around, and youíve got to go back in time and fetch a treasure for us, before you can join!

The Bohemian Club
Listed on IFDB February 23, 2018; 1 member

The Bohemian Club hang out on the fifth floor of one of the interactive fiction archive's HQ, deep below the Rocky Mountains.

The Cabal
Listed on IFDB February 23, 2018; 1 member

The Cabal is a group of people within the IF community, who play interactive fiction games about once a year. I've just joined this group, and I have been asked to create this club on IFDB. We will be posting information about the club...

Club G.U.E
Listed on IFDB February 22, 2018; 1 member

A Zork-themed club, for Zork fans.

Listed on IFDB August 25, 2017; 1 member

San Francisco Bay Area IF Meetup
Listed on IFDB August 27, 2015; 3 members

We play interactive fiction in the San Francisco Bay Area! (Oakland, usually.)

Music in Games
Listed on IFDB January 13, 2015; 2 members

Marketing of entertainment products, such as movies, music, or celebrities using entertainment properties to marketing another product. Information and entertainment provided through the media can increase your ability to learn,...

The Interactive Fiction Faction
Listed on IFDB January 10, 2015; 8 members

An interactive fiction group where..... we discuss the world of IF and play all sorts of games!

The Geek Interactive Fiction Club
Listed on IFDB January 22, 2014; 26 members

The Geek Interactive Fiction Club is hosted at Board Game Geek and is a guild of of awesome people who love IF - most especially the play of the game. Whether you love old-school Text Adventures from Scott Adams, more advanced Infocom...

People's Republic of Interactive Fiction
Listed on IFDB April 10, 2010; 19 members

The Boston area IF meetup group.

Seattle IF
Listed on IFDB September 24, 2009; 13 members

Formed in August of 2009 by Benjamin Sokal, Seattle IF has monthly meetups, usually in the central Seattle area, to talk about interactive fiction. The group includes both writers and players of IF.

Listed on IFDB September 24, 2009; 11 members

The Francophone IF Corner. Organises occasional speedifs and annual IfComp (in French).

Listed on IFDB September 23, 2009; 38 members

ClubFloyd was founded on September 2, 2007. The idea behind it is that each week a group of people meet online to cooperatively play a game of interactive fiction. The ClubFloyd home page stores transcripts of past gameplay sessions. You...