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Alan DeNiro


Top 100 Reviewer
Member since October 18, 2007
Last visited July 31, 2015
Profile ID (TUID): whtn95g1aue33two

Besides interactive fiction, I also write fiction, poetry and essays. My short story collection, Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead, was published by Small Beer Press in 2006. I have a novel called Total Oblivion, More or Less coming out from Spectra (formerly Bantam Spectra) in November 2009.

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Interactive Fiction by Alan DeNiro

Corvidia, by Alan DeNiro (2013)
(10 ratings)
A very short game about a man, his daughter, the moon, some birds, and an evergreen.

Cryptophasia, by Alan DeNiro (as L. Starr Voronoi) (2014)
(6 ratings)
"Ever since the fall of the Galactic Thessalocracy 40 years ago, on account of the erebus plague, the one thing that has bound people together across far-flung star systems has been a love of...

Deadline Enchanter, by Alan DeNiro (2007)
(41 ratings)

Doggerland, by A. DeNiro (2015)
(3 ratings)
An autobiographical work with both prose and poetry. From a cabin in Wisconsin to the Czech Republic to a land underneath the North Sea.

Feu de Joie (Session 1): cathedral, by Alan DeNiro (2015)
(5 ratings)
A freelance QA specialist has started archiving an unusual project online that he has been working on. A mysterious company named BUCOLIC ehf, a "digital literature publisher", is developing an...

Feu de Joie (Session 2): Good War, by Alan DeNiro (2015)
(2 ratings)
The Tester continues his testing of the latest interactive Dunsany essay about World War I. But something is still "broken" in the text. And the muted voices from the first Session have become more...

Feu de Joie: Session 3 (Storeys), by Alan DeNiro (2015)
(1 rating)
Continuing to quality-test the Dunsany work, the rabbit hole gets deeper and darker. But the Tester is not alone. And one of his unseen guardians is casting a wide net for help. Of course, one...

The Isolato Incident, by Alan DeNiro (2001)
(1 rating)

"We need to save the kingdom! But...where is the kingdom? What are its bounds? Can history be distilled? Why do ghosts feign friendliness? We will make a quest of questions!" [--blurb from...

Ogres, by Alan DeNiro (2003)
(1 rating)

A surreal landscape - or three surreal landscapes? "Ogres" consists of three game files, each representing the same area, but with subtle differences. The readme file warns: "ONE OF THESE GAMES...

Solarium, by Alan DeNiro (2013)
(25 ratings)
The year is 1954. One year after mutually assured destruction. And I am trying to find you, through memory and alchemy. Not many people know how the nuclear devastation really happened. But we do....

We Are the Firewall, by Alan DeNiro (2013)
(3 ratings)
A game-novella set in near future Minneapolis.

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Favorite ALAN games - 6 items   November 21, 2007
These are some of my favorite games written in the ALAN IF-development language. With a lower learning curve and a more natural-language...

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Vertical Games - 24 votes for 14 games; created November 21, 2007
Looking for games that really explore verticality, which go up (way up) in their setting. Human-made structures in particular: towers,...

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What I'm looking for are games that aren't "other-world" fantasy, but rather use one of the following as part of its thematic...

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Reviews by Alan DeNiro

Map of Fahlstaff, by Ian Hinck   May 26, 2015
"Map of Fahlstaff is a Twine piece that acts as a kind of virtual tour guide. There's a pretty high degree of spatiality here; you can..." - See the full review

The Ascent of the Gothic Tower, by Ryan Veeder   November 7, 2014
"I had missed this when it was first available; this is a short but evocative work. In many ways it reminds me of Veeder's earlier piece..." - See the full review

Don't Read the Comments, by Ashton Raze   December 19, 2013
"Well, if you're a Twin Peaks fan you will get a kick out of this. " - See the full review

One Week, by Papillon   October 31, 2013
"This game has aged very well. Except for the fact that you're typing in numbers rather than pointing and clicking numbers, it could have..." - See the full review

Castle, Forest, Island, Sea, by Hide&Seek   October 1, 2013
""This game is made up of nine different chapters. Each chapter explores a different question in philosophy. As you play, the game builds..." - See the full review

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Alan DeNiro's Play Lists

Played Games

Hollywood Visionary, by Aaron A. Reed
Choice of the Deathless, by Max Gladstone
Map of Fahlstaff, by Ian Hinck
Stupid Kittens, by Marc Valhara
Tonight Dies the Moon, by Tom McHenry

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Wish List

Skulljhabit, by Porpentine
Stygia II: The Sisters of Stygia, by Kitty Horrorshow
The Axolotl Project, by Samantha Vick
Walker & Silhouette, by C.E.J. Pacian
Adventurer's Consumer Guide, by Řyvind Thorsby

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"Not Interested" List

One Night Stand, by Giannis G. Georgiou
Gourmet Gaffe, by Hulk Handsome