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Funeral for a Friend

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Simulated mourning, August 28, 2015
by CMG (NYC)
Apparently there is a grave-digging sub-genre in interactive fiction. Or maybe it's just this game and Ryan Veeder's Dig My Grave. In any case, both games wear their monotonous premise on the sleeve: your object is to dig, therefore you dig.

At first glance, Funeral for a Friend seems like it would function just as well as a Twine game, and you can see when you play it why Porpentine did move on to Twine to write most of her other titles. That format works conceptually for the experiences she usually wants to deliver. But at the same time, I don't think Funeral for a Friend would quite work as well in Twine, because the more open-ended parser interface makes the action of grave-digging feel that much more restrictive when it's pretty much all you can do. The same holds true for Veeder's Dig My Grave.

This game feels like a precursor to ALL I WANT IS FOR ALL OF MY FRIENDS TO BECOME INSANELY POWERFUL. It's got that same dour minimalism finally giving way to something more alive as the game ends, although the handling is much more lightweight in Funeral for a Friend, since this game is essentially an extended joke.

Time-wise, it takes less than five minutes to play.

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Andrew Watt, August 29, 2015 - Reply
Do you know when this was originally released? I'm curious.
Andrew Schultz, September 29, 2015 - Reply
November 24, 2011, I'm guessing. I typed VERSION :). "111124."

Of course, that can be hacked, but this is a good guess.
CMG, August 29, 2015 - Reply
I don't, although I do remember reading an interview or an article once where Porpentine discussed writing parser fiction before moving to Twine. She has three very short parser games like this on her website at the bottom.
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