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Andrew Watt

Los Angeles, California

Member since June 4, 2014
Last visited September 5, 2019
Profile ID (TUID): g93c9fxvwjtnjhjp

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Editor, Kappelman's History of Arth. Minneapolitan.

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Interactive Fiction by Andrew Watt

Captain Connie's Ejactor Seat, by Andrew Watt (2015)
(4 ratings)
Here you are, strapped to the captain's chair, about to play a very dangerous game. If you win, you get to fuck Connie. If you lose, she blows you out the airlock. The entire crew has played this...

The Martian Fields, by Andrew Watt (2015)
(3 ratings)
Welcome to Arth! This fantasy kingdom has been infested with monsters and cutthroats ever since the murder of the king and subsequent nuclear ballyhoo. You play as Athena MacIntyre, heir to the...

Missing Since í77, by Andrew Watt (2015)
(6 ratings)

When a derided author vanishes from his home, his incriminated wife hires a prodigious young detective to investigate.

Pool Dominator, by Andrew Watt (as Destiny Spearmint) (2015)
(8 ratings)
This is your pool. There are others like it, but this one is yours. An entry in ShuffleComp: Disc 2. Inspired by "Fuego" by Bomba Estereo.

Zombie Wizard of the Apocalypse, Episode 1, by Andrew Watt (2014)
(8 ratings)
The first misadventure of an itinerant, undead wizard.

Zombie Wizard of the Apocalypse, Episode 2, by Andrew Watt (2014)
(2 ratings)
In "The Most Wanted Man in Arth," Nimrod shelters with mysterious companions and reveals some of his history. There's a fight for him, too, if you're spoiling for one, and something strange is...

Zombie Wizard of the Apocalypse, Episode 3, by Andrew Watt (2014)
(3 ratings)
In "The Lards of Dargtown," Nimrod makes an unlikely ally and embarks on a gristly mission. Rimshot.

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Reviews by Andrew Watt

Feu de Joie: Session 3 (Storeys), by Alan DeNiro   July 27, 2015
"If you're not already on board with Feu De Joie, this installment is unlikely to change your mind, but if you are (welcome to the club,..." - See the full review

Harlowe vs Sharpe, by Sage Michael   May 17, 2015
"If you don't frequent the Twine forums, there's not much for you here. The story is just a collection of noir tropes, although the..." - See the full review

Feu de Joie (Session 2): Good War, by Alan DeNiro   May 16, 2015
"Literate, unnerving, and well-crafted, Feu de Joie has a good thing going. This episode dials up the creepiness, aided by sound effects..." - See the full review

Feu de Joie (Session 1): cathedral, by Alan DeNiro   May 10, 2015
"The reader experience of Feu de Joie is that of browsing an online archive, and the first passages are appropriately dry. The testerís..." - See the full review

You Were Here, by Joshua Houk   February 11, 2015
"I really enjoyed both You Were Here and If is Dead. Long Live IF. The loud criticisms of these pieces aren't exactly wrong, but they seem..." - See the full review

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Andrew Watt's Play Lists

Played Games

Feu de Joie: Session 3 (Storeys), by Alan DeNiro
Machine of Death, by Hulk Handsome
36 Questions, by Dietrich Squinkifer (Squinky)
TUNDRA, by PaperBlurt
Ansible, by Jacques Frechet

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Wish List

Who Among Us, by Tia Orisney
Map of Fahlstaff, by Ian Hinck
Fifteen Minutes, by Ade McT
Slouching Towards Bedlam, by Star Foster and Daniel Ravipinto
Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry

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