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Lance Campbell reviews (do not) forget: "Psychedelic existential despair...and it's CUTE, TOO!" February 21, 2020
"(do not) forget is a strange and beautiful Twine game, an amalgamation of genres, some sort of psychedelic, philosophical, retro,..." - See full review
A new listing for The Secret in the Mithraeum, by Eric Mayer February 21, 2020
My first learning experience. Mind you, this isn't really fiction but rather a vignette, a bit of a scene you can move around through. I thought I'd make it available just for fun, a kind of John the Eunuch...
A new listing for Restless Nights, by Phlegethon February 21, 2020
Within the nearby Village a mysterious legend has you interested. You the main character can not get to sleep. In that short time of getting up from your bed, you decide to find the Spell Book, and have...
A new listing for La Cara Oculta de la Luna, by KRAC February 20, 2020
El anuncio no dejaba lugar a dudas: "Prestigioso psicólogo catedrático de la Univesidad de Salamanca necesita sujeto de estudio. El experimento consistirá en una serie de preguntas. Todo participante será...
A new listing for Main Course - Director's Cut, by Quantum Sheep, quantumsheep February 19, 2020
An updated HTML5 version made in Unity of Main Course. A small freighter shoots through hyperspace towards Earth. On board is a precious cargo, drugged to sleep through the journey. A SoMorph. In an...
A new listing for A Pirate's Pleasure, by Lisa Fox February 17, 2020
Sail the sea of love as a pirate queen! Seek gold, glory, and epic romance with a rogue, a warrior, or a nobleman. The Golden Age of Piracy is winding down and life is changing in the Caribbean—and as a...

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The Ice-Bound Concordance, by Aaron A. Reed and Jacob Garbe
The Ice-Bound Concordance is an award-winning indie game ("Best Story/World Design" winner, IndieCade 2014; "Excellence in Narrative"...

汉初, by 郝景芳 (Jingfang Hao)
《汉初》是由2016年雨果奖Best Novelette的获奖作者撰写的。 她是第一個贏得雨果獎的中國女性。 这是郝景芳的第一部互动小说,是中国着名作家写的第一部互动小说。 ...

Masq, by AlterAction
What is Nikki up to? Is your wife lying about her boss? You ain't seen nothin' yet! In Masq, you can choose your own adult adventure. The...

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