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See http://hlabrande.fr/if.

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Interactive Fiction by dutchmule

Brrr!, by Hugo Labrande (2007)
(4 ratings)

An entry in the 2007 French IF Comp.

Châtiment divin, by Hugo Labrande (2007)

Vous ne manquez jamais une messe, et aujourd'hui ne fait pas exception. Quand soudain, un scarabée se pose sur votre missel, en plein sermon... Vous ne vous en doutez pas encore, mais bientôt vous...

Divine Bonace, by Hugo Labrande (2007)
(3 ratings)

An entry in the 2007 French IF Comp.

Gossip, by Hugo Labrande (2009)
(7 ratings)

Heading East, by Hugo Labrande (as Alex Davies) (2015)
(6 ratings)
An entry in ShuffleComp: Disc 2. Inspired by "Vacant Night Sky" by Mecca Normal.

Homeland Security, by Hugo Labrande (2012)

Le kébab hanté, by Hugo Labrande, Yue (2017)
(2 ratings)
Quelque chose me joue des tours (Postée le : 31/12/2020) Depuis une semaine je remarque choses étranges dans mon restaurant grec/kebab. Des objets bougent de place, je ne retrouve plus des sauces,...

Les espions ne meurent jamais, by Hugo Labrande (2007)
(7 ratings)
You, Randolf McHifflin, have managed to capture your archnemesis, the famous English spy James Powers. He's tied up in front of you, and you just have to kill him, by any mean you can find in this...

Lieux Communs, by FibreTigre, Samuel Verschelde, Eric Forgeot, Hugo Labrande and Jean-Luc Pontico (2007)
(4 ratings)
Made for the Lovecraft's Common Place project. The player is wandering in a distant place, and discovers an abandoned caravan. After a quick exploration, the player can experience new places and...

Life On Mars?, by Hugo Labrande (2014)
(6 ratings)
La première mission pour coloniser Mars s'est soldée par un crash horrible, et vous avez miraculeusement survécu... Maintenant, il ne vous reste plus qu'à attendre que la deuxième navette arrive....

Life On Mars?, by Hugo Labrande (2015)
(16 ratings)
The first mission to colonize Mars ended with a horrible shuttle crash, and it's a miracle you're still alive... Now you just have to wait until the second shuttle gets here. Five more months...

Ma princesse adorée, by Hugo Labrande (2007)
(7 ratings)

Panoptique, by Hugo Labrande, Nighten Dushi (2019)
(2 ratings)
Encore un peu de temps en salle de surveillance, et ça sera l’heure de votre pause. Concentrez vous sur les douze écrans devant vous. Faites un rapport pour chaque comportements suspect ou visant à...

Secrets de pêcheurs, by Les Aventures d'Un Soir, Hugo Labrande (2017)

Dans un monde où les secrets sont une monnaie, certains ont bien plus de valeur que d'autres... Jeu créé pendant la première édition des Aventures d'Un Soir, le 7 avril 2016, avec la participation...

Tipelau, by Hugo Labrande (2016)
(1 rating)

Un jeu d'enfant, by Hugo Labrande (2008)

Un champ de bataille désolé, et des vagues d'ennemis puissants qui vous attaquent... Arriverez-vous à survivre ?

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I'm looking for games which, as in a lot of short stories, feature a sudden and unexpected revelation/twist at the very end of the game,...

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Reviews by dutchmule

Hollywood Visionary, by Aaron A. Reed   September 2, 2016
""Hollywood Visionary" casts you as a studio head in the 50s, trying to make your first movie to get your studio off the ground. The..." - See the full review

Ratings War, by Eddy Webb   August 21, 2016
"I wanted to like this game: investigative journalism in a futuristic noir cyberpunk world, with a city in shambles and gang violence? I..." - See the full review

The Spectre of Castle Coris, by Larry Horsfield   November 21, 2015
""The Spectre of Castle Coris" is the sequel to "The Axe of Kolt" by Larry Horsfield; this ADRIFT version is also a remastering of the..." - See the full review

Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 1: the Awakening, by Marco Vallarino   November 20, 2015
"You are a vampire who somehow survived having a stake driven through his heart, and wakes up several years later. There's a bit of..." - See the full review

Final Exam, by Jack Whitham   November 20, 2015
"I didn't find this game very fun, I'm afraid; but I learned later there were a whole lot of secrets, and basically a whole other game,..." - See the full review

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Night City 2020, by Hoper
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Old Man's Tale, by Hugo Bourbon, Ludovic Moge, Gabrielle Cluzeau, Drice Siamer, Enzo Carleo
Hansel et Gretel - La Revanche, by Corax

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Inside the Facility, by Arthur DiBianca
A Long Drink, by Spankminister (as Owen Parks)
I.A.G. Alpha, by Serhii Mozhaiskyi
Human Errors, by Katherine Morayati
All Your Time-Tossed Selves, by Porpentine

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