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Mike Sousa


Member since October 1, 2007
Last visited February 10, 2019
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Interactive Fiction by Mike Sousa

Above and Beyond!, by Mike Sousa (2000)
(6 ratings)

At Wit's End, by Mike Sousa (2000)
(14 ratings)
"A case study of Murphy's Law in action. In-game hints available." [--blurb from Competition Aught-Zero]

At Wit's End Again, by Mike Sousa (2002)

Fake News, by Mike Sousa (2017)
(6 ratings)
I had enough fake news clouding my head even before remembering the words of Zobra the Seer, that today I would encounter great peril, end up in the news, and discover the fate of my...

Friendly Foe, by Mike Sousa (2003)
(3 ratings)

That bunny has done enough damage to your garden. Today is the day you're finally going to catch him. Armed with carrots and a fishing net, you set your sights on its home. This is going to be...

It Could Only Happen To You, by Mike Sousa (2003)
(1 rating)

My Last Rodeo, by Mike Sousa (2016)
(1 rating)

2/28/16 SpeedIF entry A short story glued together by 9 SpeedIF parameters. Playable in under 10 minutes. And, you get to ride a bull. Maybe.

No Time To Squeal, by Mike Sousa and Robb Sherwin (2001)
(13 ratings)
"He thought he saw a pantomime That queried his own deal: He looked again, and found it was A ticket to a meal. He thought he saw infanticide Per chance to make it real. 'I have but one regret,' he...

The Recruit, by Mike Sousa (2003)
(8 ratings)
Try your hand at the Real Life Interactive Gaming Simulacra! You'll face a variety of challenges and simulations and have a chance to win some money and great prizes. Apply today!

The Reveal, by Mike Sousa (2016)

2/7/16 SpeedIF entry A short story glued together by 10 SpeedIF parameters. Playable in under 10 minutes. You get to fight squirrels; or maybe not.

Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me, by Mike Sousa and Jon Ingold (2002)
(31 ratings)
Dr. Taylor's looking worried. Dr. Kurner's looking exhausted. Zak is grinning with glee. Today is the big day, and you're about to try out the crowning experiment of your life, and in AtlantisLab's...

You Matched!, by Mike Sousa (2016)
(2 ratings)

1/31/16 SpeedIF entry Using Tinder, you finally got a match! Now it's time to go meet her at the park. Can you find her secret?

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Games suitable for children - 73 votes for 30 games; created October 11, 2008
My 10 year old twins recently "discovered" IF. They fell in love with Grunk and are asking for more games to play. I've searched BAF and...

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Reviews by Mike Sousa

Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret, by Jim Aikin and Eric Eve   October 19, 2008
"Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret had very challenging puzzles that made us think. It took us 2 days to finish. The puzzle of getting in the..." - See the full review

The Sleeping Princess, by Molly Engelberg, Alex Engelberg, and Mark Engelberg   October 18, 2008
"It was a very interesting game. We finished it in an hour though. I liked that in this game you had to be precise. I also liked the " - See the full review

Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota   October 14, 2008
"It was very fun and exciting and I liked the characters, especially Grunk. I liked the part with the bread machine. I also liked that..." - See the full review

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Home Open, by Emily Boegheim

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Koustrea's Contentment, by Jeremy Pflasterer

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