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Felix Pleșoianu

Bucharest, Romania

Top 100 Reviewer
Member since March 18, 2011
Last visited February 3, 2020
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My claims to fame are designing the previous SPAG website in 2006, and being a judge in the French IFComp 2008. More recently, I developed Ramus, a CYOA authoring system. As a programmer, I find creating IF just as exciting as playing it, but I seldom authored anything serious. Nowadays I am more active around the MMO cousins of text adventures, a.k.a. MU*s.

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Interactive Fiction by Felix Pleșoianu

Catch That Cat, by Felix Pleșoianu (2010)
(2 ratings)
Ugh. Monday morning. You're still not recovered after the party two days ago, and you have an SMS from your wife: 'Will stay with mom for one more day. You take the cat to the vet.' Meh. ...

City of Dead Leaves, by Felix Pleşoianu (2016)
(2 ratings)
There's nothing left in your life. There's nothing left in anyone's life. Will he even remember you after all this time? Will he want you back? ...

Keep of the Mad Wizard, by Felix Pleşoianu (2019)
"After much bitter fighting, the mad wizard was defeated and banished to distant shores. But the land is not yet at peace. Every night, terrible things ride forth from the wizard's former home,...

Kitty and the Sea, by Felix Pleşoianu (2019)
Take two old areas from a text-based virtual world. Stitch them together with new content; flesh out and brush up the old. Add a handful of minimal, abstract illustrations for good measure. ...

Sabotage, by Felix Plesoianu (2006)
(1 rating)
Sabotage! is a set-piece story in a space opera setting. It was an entry in the IntroComp 2006.

Secret of the Starry Depths, by Felix Pleşoianu (2016)
Secret of the Starry Depths is a very short game about a wannabe cave explorer who discovers that when things seem too easy, there's usually a reason. It's also a demo game for the experimental...

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Unusual input schemes - 5 items   November 4, 2016
Nowadays most IF is either parser-based or else choice-based. But a few games occupy a space between the lines, so to speak. These are...

Puzzle-less or puzzle-light - 5 items   December 16, 2012
The relative importance of puzzles in IF is a matter of some contention. But there's no doubt that puzzleless IF *can* be great. Here are...

All-time favorites - 7 items   December 16, 2012
No common thread here... Turns out, I like all kinds of games. Even some puzzlefests.

Linear games - 5 items   December 16, 2012
The common wisdom holds that IF's greatest strength is the freedom it grants to the player (or at least the illusion thereof). Yet some...

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Polls by Felix Pleșoianu

IF created as a media tie-in - 21 votes for 14 games; created October 19, 2016
Hello, everyone. I'm looking for IF pieces originally created as media tie-ins (i.e. as promotion/extras for a bigger project). The plan...

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Reviews by Felix Pleșoianu

Nootropic Wonderland, by Sasha Lea Griffin   April 2, 2017
"For some reason, Alice in Wonderland tends to inspire dark, gritty reinterpretations, like Tim Burton's film adaptation, or the acclaimed..." - See the full review

Click Faggot, by Christopher Kinniburgh   April 19, 2016
"Personal games have become increasingly popular as of late, due to a couple of factors: one, the democratization of accessible authoring..." - See the full review

Dragon Fate, by Kris Schnee   April 11, 2016
"You know, people who grew up with gamebooks, like I did, often wax nostalgic about the medium. It's not as common to see someone try and..." - See the full review

Untold Riches, by Jason Ermer   November 17, 2015
"A deceptively small and simple game, Untold Riches is an old-school puzzlefest with a backstory that seems to run on the Second-Hand..." - See the full review

The Hunt for the Gay Planet, by Anna Anthropy   April 7, 2013
"Having read Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space, I expected this game to be the poor man's version thereof, judging solely by the title. And..." - See the full review

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Played Games

They Perished, by Bret Sepulveda
RPG-ish, by Stuart Lilford
why is this dragon so fucking cute??, by nadia nova
Transient Skies, by dgtziea

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Wish List

An Act of Murder, by Christopher Huang
Space Police, by Marius Müller
Visualizing, by Marnie Parker
Labour's Letters Lost, by Christopher Huang

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