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Mike Spivey

Member since February 22, 2017
Last visited January 17, 2018
Profile ID (TUID): apv38ctfm26u7ac3

Played Zork and half the Infocom catalog in the 80s as a teenager. Played some AGT games in the 90s and the original Adventure in the mid-2000s. Recently decided to try Curses!, was impressed, and lately have been trying to catch up on 25 years of IF.

I tend to like large games with well-crafted puzzles.

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Interactive Fiction by Mike Spivey

A Beauty Cold and Austere, by Mike Spivey (2017)
(16 ratings)
That survey course in conceptual mathematics seemed like a good idea at the start of the term - no graded homework, no midterm exams - just an oral final at the end. But now that final is tomorrow...

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Reviews by Mike Spivey

The Wizard Sniffer, by Buster Hudson   November 16, 2017
"Writing farce is like a figure skater launching into a spin: Itís easy to overdo it or underdo it just a little and spoil the effect...." - See the full review

The Hermit's Secret, by Temple Software   November 4, 2017
"The Hermit's Secret is an early 1980s Colossal Cave knockoff: find the treasures, put them in the right place, magic words, someone who..." - See the full review

Mrs. Crabtree's Geography Class, by Andrew Schultz   August 2, 2017
"I recently showed this game to my nine-year-old son. He had a lot of fun with it, spending a couple of hours playing it over a few..." - See the full review

GiantKiller, by Peter D. Killworth   April 10, 2017
"I was pleasantly surprised by this game. (I wasn't expecting much: a non-Infocom game from the 80s with an educational focus.) Yes, the..." - See the full review

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Mike Spivey's Play Lists

Played Games

69,105 Keys, by David Welbourn
Kerkerkruip, by Victor Gijsbers
The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin
CIA Adventure, by Hugh Lampert
Take, by Katherine Morayati (as Amelia Pinnolla)

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Wish List

A Colder Light, by Jon Ingold
Word of the Day, by Richard Otter
Rematch, by Andrew D. Pontious
Losing Your Grip, by Stephen Granade
Shuffling Around, by Andrew Schultz (as Ned Yompus)

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