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by Bethany Nolan


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Squad-based diversion, July 17, 2019
by Victor Gijsbers (The Netherlands)
There is a tradition of games in which you can select different squad members for different missions, the aim being to maximise the match between your squadís capabilities and the challenges you will face in this particular situation. The Syndicate/X-Com games do this, as do some of the Mass Effect games, if Iím not mistaken. Thereís something like this in LETíS ROB A BANK, except that here you are doing only a single mission, which makes sense, since youíre planning to make so much money that youíll never have to work again.

The bank robbery will unfold in a variety of different ways depending on whom you put in your squad and which choices you make during the robbery itself. (The latter are in general far less consequential than the former.) Some of these differences make perfect sense: take the muscle guy who hates drivers and the irritable driver, and infighting will doom your effort. Other differences make absolutely no sense at all. Thereís one squad member whom you cannot really choose, because taking her on board will always coincide with the total destruction of the world. Frankly, this feels less like a serious possibility and more like something put in at the last moment when the author realised they wouldnít have the time to develop content involving this character.

The different ways in which the robbery can develop are often pretty entertaining, and youíll probably see a few losing ones before you hit on a winning ending. A fun diversion, but I didnít feel compelled to hunt for all the endings.