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Río Alto: Forgotten Memories

by Ambrosio


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A text novel in older Latin America with an interesting graphical interface, October 9, 2019
by MathBrush
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I played this game through to a death after about 30 minutes.

You play a man who has recently moved to a small town with wells, town doctors, taverns, etc.

The interface is wild. On the left is an illustrated book, with lines in slow typewriter text appearing as you make choices. You have three categories of 'inventory': thoughts, places, and things. These appear in the lower right.

The upper right contains the contents of your current location.

Actions are done by dragging inventory onto each other.

It's a good mechanic. It's slow, though, as is the typewriter text. And the game is long. And I couldn't find any way to save, and there are insta-deaths.

So I'm going to keep my rating and review as it is and maybe one day revisit this game. A save feature would help a lot!

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Ambrosio, October 10, 2019 - Reply
Author here, thanks for your review! Just a note: there's an autosave function, any time you want to resume your play select "continue remembering" from main menu. Also, I don't think you found any death related event but something else, may be prone to confusion.
MathBrush, October 10, 2019 - Reply
I will try again and change my review! I thought I was dead because all of my cards became blurred and could no longer be used after I investigated the desk.
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