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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents "Detective"

by C. E. Forman, Graeme Cree, and Stuart Moore


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A parody of a 12-year old's detective game written with his blessing, February 3, 2016
"Detective" was an early game (written before the first IFComp) written by a 12-year old, who actually did a pretty good job for their age. However, many people judged it in reference to games by older, more experienced authors, and the game pales in comparison.

The authors of the MST3K version decided to make a parody where they play through with their commentary during the game. Usually, I would feel that it is pretty mean-spirited, but the game includes an interview with the author where he says that he's fine with this version of the game, and that he's a fan of Mystery Science Theatre.

The game is mostly fun because of its unusual format. It only really needs one playthrough; after that, you just hear the same comments over and over again, so there's not much replay value.

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jflower, August 19, 2018 - Reply
The interview was for a later edition, the MTk3k Detective silver screen edition. The original didn't haven't it.
Andrew Schultz, September 13, 2015 - Reply
It's good to know the author was cool with the rendering. One thing that stopped me from playing the game is that it seemed like low hanging fruit, too easy to take cheap shots.

I'm sort of curious how the game would stack up to my own twelve-year-old efforts. Which I wish I still had somewhere.
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