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Cursed Odyssey

by Creaky Gate Games


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Simple CYOA, July 27, 2018
by Victor Gijsbers (The Netherlands)
Cursed Odyssey is a CYOA-style game in which you have to bring a merchant vessel home after it has been cursed by a witch. You meet about five obstacles on the way, each of which you'll have to overcome by making the right choice out of two or three possibilities. If you choose sensibly, you'll probably get to the best ending in one playthrough; which is good, because most of the wrong choices lead to instant death.

There's nothing really wrong with this short adventure, but there's no particularly good reason to play it either. Perhaps its worst aspect is the layout: by using only a very small part of the screen, the game forces you to scroll much more than necessary, and if you scroll too far, the game itself scrolls away.

Apparently, the people who made this are also planning to develop commercial games. If so, they need to work on their craft. Cursed Odyssey stands to, for instance, the Choice Of games as a high schooler's short story stands to a professional novel.

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CreakyGateGames, July 27, 2018 - Reply
Thank you for your review.

I think the problems you observed with the layout (small screen, resets if you scroll down too far) can be solved by switching to full screen mode, which can be done by clicking on the button with four arrows at the bottom of the sidebar. The game might not display as nicely on certain browsers or operating systems. It should work well on Chrome.

I'll add a note in the description recommending the full screen mode in Chrome.

Again, thank you. We're testing out a bunch of different styles of games to see what appeals to people.
Victor Gijsbers, July 28, 2018 - Reply
Thanks; that looks a lot better. (And I now understand why you chose a large font size.) I think that button should be a lot more visible. :-)
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