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Member since October 21, 2017
Last visited September 24, 2020
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Interactive Fiction by BitterlyIndifferent

Escape from Fetchville, by Bitterly Indifferent (2017)

The bleak and uninspiring journey out of a place you'd rather avoid.

The Forgotten Tavern, by Peter M.J. Gross (2018)
(7 ratings)
Max and Diana need your help, although Diana might be reluctant to admit that. You should visit their humble establishment. If you help them with their problems, they can help you with yours. You...

Pushing Loyal People, by Bitterly Indifferent (2017)
(1 rating)
This is a hyper-realistic employee engagement exercise where you work at a highly selective global corporation. See how quickly you can rise to claim the corner office, and do your best to survive...

Truck Quest, by Donald Conrad and Peter M.J. Gross (2019)
(7 ratings)
You only need one low-budget truck (and one high-interest loan) to start your own delivery service. It’ll be an adventure, hauling military-grade narcotics to the megachurches of Bean Station and...

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Reviews by BitterlyIndifferent

Advent Door, by Andrew Plotkin   March 29, 2020
"This game is a small, well-executed puzzle that includes enough atmosphere and hints at backstory to keep things entertaining. The..." - See the full review

February, by Mike Doty   March 11, 2020
"It's a simple mechanic and effectively implemented: a sequence of binary yes/no choices. The writing between choices is funny and short,..." - See the full review

robotsexpartymurder, by Hanon Ondricek   December 2, 2019
"The best part of robotsexpartymurder is the way it accommodates people who don't want to have sex parties with robots. You can play..." - See the full review

The Shadow Witch, by Healy   December 2, 2019
"I enjoyed this game. Its greatest strength is also its biggest barrier to entry: it was created with RPG maker. Ultimately, I’m glad I..." - See the full review

The Island, by Ann Hugo   December 2, 2019
"I think this game is called Valand? Now that I’ve checked again, the cover art calls it “The Island,” and I thought of it as “The Island”..." - See the full review

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BitterlyIndifferent's Played Games List

Advent Door, by Andrew Plotkin
February, by Mike Doty
Gardening for Beginners, by Juhana Leinonen
The Ascent of the Gothic Tower, by Ryan Veeder
Fallout Shelter, by Marshal Tenner Winter (as Histroy Gloam)

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