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Ruber Eaglenest

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Member since January 6, 2017
Last visited July 10, 2019
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Interactive Fiction by Ruber Eaglenest

Astral, by El Clérigo Urbatain (2000)
(1 rating)

Un virus se ha extendido por toda la ciudad y ha convertido a la población en zombis en busca de carne fresca. Nosotros encarnamos a un personaje mata-zombies, muy diestro en el manejo de las...

Dracula Episode 2: The Arrival, by Mapache, Rod Pike, El Clérigo Urbatain (2006)
(2 ratings)
Dracula, part 2: The Arrival is a remake of the original game Bram Stoker's Dracula (c) CRL 1986, by Rod Pike. Translation to Spanish and remake by (c) 2006 Mapache and El Clérigo Urbatain. An...

Dracula Part 1: The First Night, by El Clérigo Urbatain and DEF and Rod Pike (2004)
(4 ratings)
Dracula, The First Night is a remake of the classic text adventure by Rod Pike from 1986 for 8-bit micros (Spectrum and Commodore 64). This remake has been done by DEF and El Clérigo Urbatain. A...

El extraño caso de Randolph Dwight, by El Clérigo Urbatain (2003)
(2 ratings)
El cuerpo de Randolph Dwight fue encontrado, en medio de su salón, inerte y sin vida. Presentaba un orificio de entrada en el vientre, producido por un proyectil de calibre ocho milí­metros;...

El Museo de las Consciencias, by Mel Hython and Santiago Eximeno and Grendel Khan and Urbatain and Depresiv (2007)
(2 ratings)
Tu padre te abandonó cuando aún no tenías uso de razón. Te dejó en una casa en la cima de una pequeña colina, al cuidado de dos mujeres siniestras, eternamente vestidas de negro...

Por la necedad humana, by El Clérigo Urbatain (2000)
(2 ratings)
La familia Tsugonawa ha vivido tranquilamente en su localidad durante generaciones. Han compartido momentos entrañables y han tenido malos momentos, pero ahora tienen que irse de la casa en la que...

Prueba física, by El Clérigo Urbatain (2002)

Retratos sobre la Violencia Española, by Ruber Eaglenest (2017)
(1 rating)
Escrita para la ECTOCOMP 2017

The Skyscraper and the Scar, by Diego Freire, Ruber Eaglenest (2016)
(12 ratings)
The skyscraper is silhouetted against the horizon, an open scar on the skyline, rising until it’s lost in the clouds. A promise of prosperity, of something never reached. A monolith of what we once...

Tuuli, by Daurmith and Ruber Eaglenest (2017)
(20 ratings)
"The old witch, your teacher Mákke, is dead. If you want to save your village you'll have to destroy the raiding fleet that's coming. Can you do it, young Lenne-who-would-be-the-witch?" ----------...

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Reviews by Ruber Eaglenest

The Writer Will Do Something, by Matthew Burns, Tom Bissell   July 10, 2019
"The writer will do something is a seminal twine made by insiders of the game industry, writers Tom Bissell and Matthew S. Burns. Born,..." - See the full review

Being Beyoncé’s assistant for the day, by Green Chyna   June 27, 2019
"So, this is a gamebook done on twitter. We've seen several attempts of doing that with the limitations of the platform, but this one uses..." - See the full review

The Ballroom, by Liza Daly   May 23, 2019
"This is the piece of IF by Liza Daly that made click! for me to understand the very nature of what her own engine, Windrift, does...." - See the full review

El libro que se aburría, by Antonia Visiedo   April 23, 2019
"This is a modern classic of the Spanish scene. Created by Antonia Visieda (aka Jenesis). It is a mashup of classic fairy tales tropes..." - See the full review

La Pequeña Cerillera, by J. Francisco Martín   November 6, 2018
"This work my JFM Lisaso is a canonical piece of what IF for the XXI century should be. Sadly for you, reader, it is in Spanish. It is an..." - See the full review

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