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El libro que se aburría, by Antonia Visiedo
Spanish classic fairy tale romp, April 23, 2019
by Ruber Eaglenest
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This is a modern classic of the Spanish scene. Created by Antonia Visieda (aka Jenesis). It is a mashup of classic fairy tales tropes reimagined as a funny lighthearted puzzler for all ages.

It is, also, one of the few works in Spanish done for a juvenile audience in mind is ideal for kids above 7. The story is just for the fun of it, with nothing like serious topics or deep meanings, and that's just great.

It has some original use of the parser, the narrator and the break of the fourth wall, with the main character or avatar as a shape-shifting entity. Those features are not heavily used in the adventure, but, there they are.

The game comes in two formats, Z Machine, and AGE system. The AGE version is a remake with graphics and maybe, sound? I dunno, anyway AGE is an obscure Spanish system optimized for MUDs and roleplaying games that requires JAVA, and even with that, it is somewhat dificult to run the game, so I would go for the vanilla, only text, Z machine version.

La Pequeña Cerillera, by J. Francisco Martín

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Canonical modern interactive fiction for the XXI century, November 6, 2018
This work my JFM Lisaso is a canonical piece of what IF for the XXI century should be. Sadly for you, reader, it is in Spanish.

It is an interactive retelling of Andersen's The Little Match-Seller. Parsed based but with a framework powered by Vorple that make it looks and sounds amazing. Also, it has an advanced UI where you can play solely using hyperlinks or the classical parser, or a simplified one a-la Aaron Reed's Blue Lacuna. So it is a rare example of a hypertext story build using a world model (Inform 6 is under the wraps).

The story is the classical one, gripping and effective powered by interactivity and multimedia. A masterpiece.

left/right, by chandler groover

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Funny little piece on a trope, July 7, 2018
Groover have fun with trope of blind choosing in a fork, demonstrating that even little interaction has value thank to surprising outcomes.

I would like that even the title would be an actual fork. To make re-runs more quick.

Castle of the Red Prince, by C.E.J. Pacian
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Choice of the Deathless, by Max Gladstone
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Slouching Towards Bedlam, by Star Foster and Daniel Ravipinto
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Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin
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Photopia, by Adam Cadre
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Trinity, by Brian Moriarty
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dripping with the waters of SHEOL, by Lady Isak Grozny
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