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Interactive Fiction by dastridly

Arcane Intern (Unpaid), by Astrid Dalmady (2015)
(32 ratings)
Getting coffee, making copies, tampering with powers beyond your control. You know, normal intern things. Now if only you were getting paid for it...

Beware The Faerie Food You Eat, by Astrid Dalmady (2015)
(19 ratings)
They say that some of the faerie folk can grant wishes, that they can give gifts to that who gain their favor. Now, youíve found a portal into their world and youíre ready to step through and claim...

Cactus Blue Motel, by Astrid Dalmady (2016)
(56 ratings)
Somewhere between New Mexico and Arizona, three friends were driving through a barren desert of red rocks, and wide empty skies. It was the end of summer, the end of high school, the end of so many...

Investigative Journalism: A Welcome to Night Vale Fan Game, by Astrid Dalmady (2015)
(7 ratings)
In Investigative Journalism, you play as the newest intern at Night Vale Community Radio and youíre tasked with hunting down The News that just escaped.

Tangaroa Deep, by Astrid Dalmady (2016)
(25 ratings)
We know more about space than we do about the ocean. Isnít it time to start changing that? Released for the 2016 Spring Thing

That Sinister Self, by Astrid Dalmady (2015)
(12 ratings)
You look in to a mirror. Your reflection does not look back. That Sinister Self is a short Twine game about a young girl and how she sees herself in the mirror.

Utopian Jam, by Astrid Dalmady (2017)
(6 ratings)
A jam game about preserves. Made in Twine for the 2017 Utopia Jam.

Yesterday, You Saved the World, by Astrid Dalmady (2016)
(13 ratings)
Today you are only Lucy Newman, eighth grader, C student, nobody. But yesterday, you were cosmic. Yesterday, you were a magical girl. Yesterday, you saved the world.

You are Standing at a Crossroads, by Astrid Dalmady (2014)
(19 ratings)
You are Standing at a Crossroads is a short Twine story about being lost, being changed, and being stagnant.

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