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Strained Tea, by Joey Jones

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Well researched study in tea making, May 20, 2018
by Divide (Wroclaw, Poland)
I loled when I “won the game” in one move I really didn't expect to work.

If you think about it, it makes a good philosophical point of how the everyday activities which we've grown to perform automatically can actually be quite complex. Reminds me of all those “you wake up in an unfamiliar apartment; you need to figure out how to make coffee here” mornings.

Trading Punches, by Mike Snyder

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Captivating, December 2, 2009
by Divide (Wroclaw, Poland)
The game-world is well thought-out, fleshed out, and told in such a graphic way that the illustrations are almost redundant. I loved the technique of having the character recall past events by player reliving them; reminiscent of Spider and Web but put in quite a different context. This also makes mercifulness only natural.

Retrospective episodes are sometimes quite distant in time, but weaved skillfully (with brilliant use of a trinket) into a cohesive story, developing the protagonist (and another character) in much detail. Puzzles also feel natural, not really puzzles at all, just something you do; only at one point I had no idea what to do next (and it turned out to be quite obvious, had I thought as the character would at that point, and not as a player sifting game text for clues does).

Deadline Enchanter, by Alan DeNiro

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Quite a ride, December 1, 2009
by Divide (Wroclaw, Poland)
One reviewer said you don't play this game, but rather let it play you - and that's exactly what it does. It takes you on a breathtaking ride through a world - what world, exactly? At some point you're no longer sure whether it's really an alien world, or whether perhaps your world is the one that's faux. And when the ride is over, you can't help but look at what's around you a bit differently, if only for a passing moment. That's quite a feat.

Reminded me of Snerg's "Robot" for some reason. Perhaps the feeling of helplessness, both because of being taken on a ride with destination obviously well-defined but just as obviously not known, never fully, to you, and because of being trapped, stuck in substance, unmoving, slowed down, held down, observing but disabled. All in all - a very emotional piece, even if in a totally different sense than you usually mean when you say 'emotional'.

A Parallax Dream, by Andrew MacKinnon

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Nothing to see here, November 27, 2009
by Divide (Wroclaw, Poland)
I realize that SpeedIFs tend to follow their own rules, but this one is utterly devoid of anything of interest. It feels like a mnemonic sentence that you make by filling in an absurd story between words you need to memorise. Maybe clever, maybe even funny, but rather not fun.

1-4 of 4