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by Chet Rocketfrak


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I have to pipe up about this one, October 1, 2016
by Steph C
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Here I sit, brokenhearted by a game which utterly failed to bowl me over. I only logged a few minutes before realizing there was squat to do; the author seems to have pooped out before adding most of the content, and what little he did manage to push out was pretty corny. The game is flush with mentions of toilets-within-toilets, like turduckens, and they appear in loo of any actual story, jokes, or puzzles.

In a word, it's shitty.

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loopernow, January 1, 2017 - Reply
On the contrary, I thought this game was #1.
Matt Bates, October 13, 2016 - Reply
I considered writing a review myself, but didn't think that this game was worth a number 2.
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