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Mouth of Ashes

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I have 3 waterskins :), March 27, 2018
Visually, like the background graphics and how the game looks. In the route I chose I went to meet the elders and had some interesting choices to make. At the end there was a nice note from Verity giving a little more information about the inspiration etc for the game.

"I have 3 waterskins and 4 rations of food. My wallet holds 8 gold coins"

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Write what you know., December 8, 2016
by IFforL2 (Chiayi, Taiwan)
I love hiking through the mountains of southern Taiwan, and I appreciate the way Mouth of Ashes creates a long walk for the PC. I make up stories like this for my kids to keep up the pace and distract them from the potential discomfort of stamina exercise. I'll have to use this plot next time we head up Mt. Du-li.
Note: this review is based on older version of the game.

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., September 30, 2016
A comfy, mountain climbing Twine game. I guess what you would call this is static fiction? It's a short story about a mother climbing a mountain to find a cure for her daughter's illness. You explore areas on her way to the top and visit a village. There isn't really much to say other than that it's a light-hearted short story. There is interactivity to the game, there are choices that may change some wordings or circumstances to the traveling, but I don't think there's any change to the ending. But overall, there is interactivity. However, I don't think there is more than one ending which is not unusual or bad for an IF game as there is a genre of visual novels, called Kinetic novels, which does much of the same.

Pros: A cozy short story with nice background pictures and clear CSS and prose.

Cons:mmm. I can't remember if there's any.

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Page Turning Simulator, March 9, 2016
While Mouth of Ashes doesn't contain major bugs (because there is little room for them) or spelling errors (because it's short), these are the only things it gets right. It is a example of everything that could go wrong in a game.

It focuses on creating a world, without making understanding it a puzzle. It inconviniences the reader by putting everything examinable behind a link, instead of letting him skim at his will. There is no interacivity, but there are choices without effect. It is static fiction, and it doesn't want to be played.

The initial version didn't include the pictures as part of the download, the lack of which was my least important complaint. The structural issues are still a fundabental flaw, which make any merit from the story moot.

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