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The Space Under the Window

by Andrew Plotkin profile


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- JimB, October 14, 2020

- mifga (Brooklyn, NY), October 14, 2020

- smrq, September 27, 2020

- lleon, September 22, 2020

- Jason Lautzenheiser (Navarre, Ohio), September 15, 2020

- Zape, September 14, 2020

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"Enter Shadow" definitely doesn't work here, September 14, 2020
by deathbytroggles (Minneapolis, MN)
Admittedly I am not a huge fan of poetry, especially free verse. Though if the imagery is evocative I can get lost in it from time to time. Unfortunately, the design of The Space Under the Window, while making for an easy game, results in an unsatisfying poetry reading.

In a sense, this structure of play feels like a precursor to Twine, only one has to guess at the keywords instead of clicking on them. And it's hard to get lost in poetry when the parser doesn't respond to half of what you type. It's very difficulty to predict what keywords will trigger a new path or bring you back to an old one, and also difficult to predict where the story will go. There are no puzzles to elicit satisfaction from all the keyword guessing so it's all a bit underwhelming.

That said, it's an intriguing (and short!) parser experiment from one of IF's greatest authors.

- Blind Assassin (Illinois, United States), July 11, 2020

- Arrowhead12 (Edmonton, Alberta), June 11, 2020

- Edo, April 29, 2020

- AKheon (Finland), August 15, 2019

- Stian, June 17, 2019

- doodlelogic, July 29, 2018

- lavieenmeow, June 20, 2018

- DustyCypress (Hong Kong), May 19, 2018

- Nereare (São Paulo, Brazil), April 17, 2018

- Mutagen, April 4, 2018

- Stas, March 29, 2018

- Wanderlust, August 3, 2017

- Cory Roush (Ohio), July 19, 2017

- nosferatu, September 23, 2016

- Kevin Snow, June 11, 2016

- leanbh, April 18, 2016

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Short keyword-driven IF where you change a room description, February 3, 2016
This game was part of an experiment in IF inspired by a challenge to create a work of art with the title "The space under the window". In this game, you see a window, but you can't do anything to it directly. Instead, you type nouns or adjectives you see, and it changes the world to something different, related to that noun or adjective.

I found this game to be pretty short; altogether I think there were less than 40 keywords I could type. Many obvious words were not implemented, but this makes sense for an experimental game.

This kind of concept, whether inspired by this game or not, was further developed by Aisle and then Galatea, both games where the gameplay focuses on typing keywords in a room or a conversation, and text adapts around the words you type. I distinguish this from games like Blue Lacuna, where typing keywords just has you interact with the object.

- Aryore, December 13, 2015

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