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by Brendon Wyber


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- Tropical Gothic (Asia), December 6, 2019

- jjsonick, August 29, 2019

- Stian, June 15, 2019

- Bosch, May 8, 2019

- e.peach, March 16, 2019

- Jan Strach, May 8, 2018

- tekket (Česká Lípa, Czech Republic), August 7, 2017

- Cory Roush (Ohio), July 14, 2017

- Ayize, April 27, 2017

- Godel23 (London, UK), January 2, 2017

- finnn62, December 13, 2016

- nosferatu, September 23, 2016

- E. W. B., February 24, 2016

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Sprawling, creepy, non-linear game with great pacing, February 3, 2016
by MathBrush
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"Theatre" was developed after "Curses" and before "Anchorhead", and has many elements in common with both of these games, including some shared puzzles. It is a large, sprawling game, with many puzzles in the find-an-object-use-an-object category.

I found it slightly easier and slightly smaller than the other two games, but it may have just felt smaller because I always felt drawn forward to complete the game. A series of lost journal pages for collection provide a fascinating backstory.

As others have said, the writing feels a little off at times; however, the game gave me quite a few genuinely creepy moments during exploration, similar to the famous (Spoiler - click to show) "you forgot to close the front door" moment in Anchorhead. The game was strangely compelling despite the weaker writing.

As I said, the puzzles are slightly easier than many similar games. I also noticed that the author favored certain puzzles; for instance, there were at least five puzzles where the solution involved (Spoiler - click to show)pushing or moving a large object around.

A couple of times in the game, I thought I had put myself in an unwinnable situation by entering an area without some object I needed to get out. However, I found I was wrong. I don't think there is really any way to lock yourself out of winning, except by using one-use items when you shouldn't (when you have used a one-use item correctly, it will be obvious).

A couple of things, I wasn't quite sure what they did: (Spoiler - click to show)turning the switch in the electrical panel, and wearing the amulet. Also, as other reviewers noted, there were quite a few plot points never resolved.
However, I didn't feel cheated.

The one star off is for the lack of polish and the plotholes. Overall, though this is one of the most enjoyable games I have every played (for reference, the other games I've most enjoyed are Curses, Anchorhead, and Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina). I anticipate playing through it again several times in the future.

- brattish (Canada), November 16, 2015

- Harry Coburn (Atlanta, GA), October 8, 2015

- Thrax, March 11, 2015

- cabalia (Ohio), March 6, 2015

- BlitzWithGuns, February 1, 2015

- MattC, February 2, 2014

- lisapaul, January 13, 2014

- SongoftheWolf, November 25, 2013

- Blue Penguin, November 18, 2013

- Galena, September 9, 2013

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
A pretty good experience, September 8, 2013
This is one game I keep coming back to over a period of years, and finished it this time round.
The atmosphere of the game, while not out and out frightening, was suitably creepy, and the puzzles were not too difficult.
I did feel a little let down by the ending, however, as there seemed to be something missing, or something I just didn't get.
All in all, a well-crafted game.

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