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Member since November 28, 2019
Last visited February 12, 2020
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I prefer Story over Puzzles. Except when I don't.

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Games that drew me in. - 7 items   December 12, 2019
This list is not a best of. Nor does it have a theme. I haven't even finished some of the games on it. (shame on me!) This is a list of...

Rovarsson's Superlative top 5 - 5 items   December 2, 2019
Only supercalifragilisticexpialidocious games on this list.

Games I finished without hints. - 8 items   December 1, 2019
It does keep the immersion going not to get an outside voice telling you what to try. Some very friendly puzzlewise, some a tad harder.

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Polls by Rovarsson

Wide open spaces. - 15 votes for 11 games; created November 29, 2019
This can apply to the setting of the games; prairies, deserts, icecaps come to mind. It can also apply to the feel of a game, the...

Historical adventures. - 9 votes for 8 games; created November 28, 2019
I love historical novels, no matter what time period they're set in. They do have to be accurate though. Can you suggest IF-games that...

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Reviews by Rovarsson

Divis Mortis, by Lynnea Dally   January 2, 2020
"A zombie game in a closed building where you wake up all alone with no memory of how you got there; all while the living dead could break..." - See the full review

The Lost Labyrinth of Lazaitch, by Larry Horsfield   December 25, 2019
""The Lost Labyrinth of Lazaitch" is a type of game I miss in newer IF. It's an oldschool fantasy text adventure. Period. No deep..." - See the full review

Metamorphoses, by Emily Short   December 14, 2019
"First off, some tech-stuff: This game is, hands-down, the most deeply implemented piece of Interactive Fiction I have ever played or..." - See the full review

Aotearoa, by Matt Wigdahl   December 12, 2019
"Aotearoa has an extremely cool premise: An excursion to a Maori island where Dinos still live. Two things that are smack-dab in the..." - See the full review

Risorgimento Represso, by Michael J. Coyne   December 10, 2019
"(Well, it actually plays out as much around the city as in it, but I have my reasons...) First things first: It has a cannon! -Hmm?....." - See the full review

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