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Gris et Jaune

by Jason Devlin


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Play this for the beginning, November 27, 2010
by Kevin Jackson-Mead (Boston)
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I was definitely intrigued by the beginning of this game, and up through about half an hour in I was totally into it. I loved the setting and the story, and even though it was fairly linear, I was enjoying the interactivity. If the beginning of this game had been submitted to IntroComp, it totally would have won. However, after the first act, the game opens up completely, and I was lost. I quickly learned what I shouldnít do, but I had no idea what I should do. I did a few things. I resorted to the hints. I still couldnít figure it out. I didnít have the energy (or the time) to start over and use the hints from the beginning.

I totally recommend that you play the beginning of this game. It is very much worth it. And then just decide to end the game when youíve escaped the house. Pretend that thatís the end of the game and call yourself a winner. Itís OK; you have my permission. (Of course, this is subject to change if/when a post-Comp version is released.)