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Thorfinn's Realm

by Robert Hall and Roy Main

Zorkian/Time Travel

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A large, sparse game about time travel in Viking times, September 28, 2017
by MathBrush
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This is a Zorkian game that has you travelling to Viking times to search for various items in order to join a society of time travellers.

The score is lower than the work going into the game deserves; but according to my system, it is fairly unpolished, the rooms aren't descriptive, it didn't inspire any strong emotions, and the interactivity was frustrating.

But in general, this is an inoffensive game, wandering around a large landscape looking for treasures. Includes a light puzzle.

>VERBOSE -- Paul O'Brian's Interactive Fiction Page

I don't know whether Thorfinn's Realm is the product of novice programmers (or a port of such.) It may not really belong to this category of game, but it certainly feels like it does. It's a game that does many things wrong, and has lots of irritating misfeatures and errors, but is still endearing nonetheless for its abundant energy and enthusiasm.

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Baf's Guide

Bare-bones old-school fantasy--time-travel and treasure-hunt combined. Worse, lots of bad design choices, like a really small inventory limit, random death, and a light source puzzle. Lots of silliness--the game is supposedly set in the 10th century, but of course things like pizzas are on hand. On the other hand, everything works okay, and a few of the puzzles are somewhat inventive. If you're nostalgic for the dawn of IF, you may like this.

-- Duncan Stevens

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