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Member since October 31, 2007
Last visited March 18, 2017
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Interactive Fiction by Jota

2604, by Admiral Jota (2001)
(11 ratings)

Bears, Bears, Bears, by Admiral Jota (2001)
(3 ratings)

Behold!, by Admiral Jota (2001)
(3 ratings)

In this tiny game, you play as someone backstage at the XYZZY Awards ceremony. Eileen has sent you to bring out the celebrity presenter, Stephen Bishop, but he's been turned into a basket of...

Carnival, by Admiral Jota (1999)
(3 ratings)

You play as someone visiting the carnival. You've had a great day, but you haven't won a prize yet.

The Corn Identity, by Carl Muckenhoupt, Serhei Makarov, Tama Wise, J. Robinson Wheeler, A O Muniz, Admiral Jota, Andrew Schepler, Jacqueline A. Lott, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Dan Shiovitz, John Cater, Duchess, and Mark Musante (2005)
(5 ratings)

Deep Breathing, by Admiral Jota (2006)
(8 ratings)

Dino Hunt, by Admiral Jota (2000)
(5 ratings)

Doomsday, by Admiral Jota (1999)
(1 rating)

In this game, you play as Agent Seafoam, a secret agent from the future. Disguised as a Taco Bell janitor, you have traveled to 1999 to prevent Agent Blue from delivering the plans to the Doomsday...

A Freak Accident Leaves Seattle Pantsless III: Endgame, by Admiral Jota (2000)
(4 ratings)

Garden of the Dragon, by Admiral Jota (2000)
(6 ratings)

Help! My Vacuum Cleaner Is Broken, by Admiral Jota (2001)
(13 ratings)

House of Dream of Moon, by Admiral Jota, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Tom Blawgus, Ricardo Dague, N. B. Horvath, Carl Muckenhoupt, Marius Müller, Jacqueline A. Lott, Mark Musante (2007)
(3 ratings)

Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota (2007)
(400 ratings)

A Monkey Stole Your Toast!, by Admiral Jota (2003)
(3 ratings)

You just made some delicious toast! Yum! Then a monkey stole your toast! Oh no! YOU MUST GET IT BACK.

Moon Over Jupiter, by Admiral Jota (2001)
(6 ratings)

Pass the Banana, by Admiral Jota (1999)
(10 ratings)

Plaque, by Admiral Jota (2000)
(3 ratings)

Practical Astrology, by Admiral Jota (2001)
(3 ratings)

You play as Agent Hamburg, a stellar control operative, thanks to your acquisition of the definitive textbook on the subject, Moving the Stars. In normal astrology, one predicts the future by...

Ragnarok: Twilight of the Gods , by Admiral Jota (2011)
(5 ratings)

Late night movie night at your place! It’s two AM, your friends are here, the DVD is already in the machine, and you’re ready to watch. Or are you?

Reality Railroad, by Admiral Jota (2003)
(1 rating)

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