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Last visited July 26, 2016
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Getting back into IF, best re-introductions to the genre - 34 votes for 17 games; created May 29, 2016
I haven't played any IF for roughly the past 6 years and am excited to get back into it. So, what have I missed? What have been some of...

Emotional IF - 49 votes for 17 games; created April 8, 2010
I'm looking for IF that inspires one or more strong emotions in the player – an IF that pulls on your heartstrings a little.

Games with an evolving environment - 12 votes for 10 games; created February 5, 2010
I'm looking for IF where the setting constantly evolves/changes to either advance the plot or confuse the player. Something to the effect...

Games where the PC is an antihero - 40 votes for 20 games; created December 23, 2009
I'm looking for games where the PC is the villain/antihero of the story and the traditional plotlines of "good beats evil" aren't...

Holiday games - 7 votes for 3 games; created December 16, 2009
I'm looking for some IF games to get me into the holiday spirit.

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Reviews by Sorrel

The Evil Chicken of Doom, by Mel S   June 28, 2012
"I was a little skeptical when I downloaded this game, if only because I knew my laughter would be at the expense of a defenseless,..." - See the full review

Under the Bed, by Dan Doyle III   June 24, 2012
"Let me start by saying that I've been away from IF for a long while now. I don't think I've touched an IF game for at least a year. So,..." - See the full review

The Argument, by Harvey Smith   September 25, 2010
"The first line of Argument placed the PC as “standing in front of a broken mirror just after midnight.” It was a promising first line,..." - See the full review

Light up, by The Dominant Species   August 5, 2010
"I wanted to like this game, I really, really did. It started out well-enough, with a drunken man looking for his lost son. There were..." - See the full review

Just another day, by Simply Ryan   August 4, 2010
"And it indeed it did make a statement... when it was a flash game called Every Day the Same Dream by molleindustria. The events described..." - See the full review

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