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matt w (Matt Weiner)

Burlington, VT

Member since March 30, 2012
Last visited July 31, 2020
Profile ID (TUID): 7trckja74oefrqoi

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Interactive Fiction by matt w (Matt Weiner)

Faithful Companion, by Matt Weiner (2013)
(21 ratings)
The "Play On-line" link should now go to version 2!

Garbage Collection, by Matt Weiner (2016)
(1 rating)

From imaginary games jam. Based on the review: Garbage Explorer It sounds like a joke. In fact, it started out as one specifically, as an image macro on various game dev boards, expressing...

Tea and Toast, by Matt Weiner (as Maria del Pangolin) (2014)
(12 ratings)

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Polls by matt w (Matt Weiner)

Father-Son Relationships - 11 votes for 9 games; created March 13, 2015
Going along with the Mother-Daughter poll, any games that touch on father-son relationships? Again, not necessarily the center of the...

Mother-Daugher Relations - 38 votes for 24 games; created March 13, 2015
What are some IF works that involve a relationship between a mother and a daughter? Not necessarily as the center of the work, but as...

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Reviews by matt w (Matt Weiner)

Duck Ted Bundy, by Coleoptera-Kinbote   January 8, 2020
"Mostly I'm posting this review to say that there is currently (Jan. 2020) a working link for the game on itch.io. The new link is under..." - See the full review

Toiletworld, by Chet Rocketfrak   October 21, 2019
"This is a blatant troll game, yes. But it's an excellent troll game, with a fair amount of care put into making sure that you can do what..." - See the full review

Hard Puzzle, by Ade McT   May 18, 2016
"First a confession: I did not finish this game. Perhaps when someone reveals the solution to me I will slap my forehead and reconsider..." - See the full review

You Were Here, by Joshua Houk   January 29, 2015
"You Were Here doesn't give you any interaction options and doesn't make any attempt at coherence. If you go in expecting some normal sort..." - See the full review

The Chronicler, by John Evans   November 17, 2013
"This is a Crap Underimplemented Game. That's pretty much its genre. There's never a description where "You see nothing special about the..." - See the full review

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