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Violet, by Jeremy Freese

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Best one room IF, March 2, 2013
by Coldfinger (Germany)
This is a game that not only excells in one regard. The plot is quite unique and the implementation is great, the prose is fun to read and the puzzles are not too difficult to stop the flow of the story while being not too easy to make this an interactive story instead of a game. The number of funny remarks you get when doing something wrong or trying to do something that doesn't work make even failing worthwhile. Never was able to put it into an unwinable state and I don't think this is possible.

Humour always depends on taste a bit but I think here we have something entirely funny for everyone. Even for both genders, since both have someone to emphatise. This is the first game where I really tried to do all the amusing stuff that is listed at the end. Only thing I missed is a (Spoiler - click to show) Zombie Egg.

9:05, by Adam Cadre

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Great fun, August 18, 2012
by Coldfinger (Germany)
Short, elegant and oh so much fun. More of these please. Perfect for an afternoon break, a good laugh and well...at least two replays.

Djibouti Dirigible Discombobulation, by Sam Kabo Ashwell

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An hour of fun, August 14, 2012
by Coldfinger (Germany)
AmberShards has it down quite right.

It definitely IS speed IF but the science concept is very nice und you should definitely try out everything that is possible to enjoy the different results and endings. The only real puzzle is (Spoiler - click to show)to find out how your "gun" is working, after that it is simply trying out stuff and having fun for an hour or so.

I would really like to see a full fledged game using this concept and, especially, the kind of language and humour, which is right in my ballpark.

Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota

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MUST PLAY GAME!, July 28, 2012
by Coldfinger (Germany)
After being abstinent from IF for over 20 years, this game was the perfect starter to get into the IF way of thinking again. And also the perfect game to get me addicted again. Not too large, nice puzzles, great use of language, sensible parser and good humor.

But now no time anymore. Must play next game. Where next Grunk game????

1-4 of 4