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Tale of the Starweavers, by Angelique Vordan
Shame it never progressed any farther., November 6, 2017
by Peedeoo7 (North America)
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From the style of writing, branching paths (seemingly everywhere, and seem critical), the feel that so much can be done.

There are 5 main "starts", each with drastically different situations to start the world in, and then they still split like crazy (Spoiler - click to show)Like you can mess up really badly and replace your blood with fire, summon a (likely) terrible beast to impress the village for JUST a few seconds even though you know basically nothing about magic, be reasonable and do a mostly harmless but flashy spell, exa (stems from just one story line, which remember there are 5 "starts" each going in a drasticly different direction. all of them seem like they would majorly affect the world and the general experience).

Definitely has potential, but seeing the last update was in 2014 I see no farther progress.

To me it's just of those would be awesome things to experience.... that never came to be. looks like it would be lengthy and enjoyable adventure, the choices a'plenty, and diffidently would have the re-playability factor.

But as I said, never got completion. Shame really, would have loved to spend 5+ hours here on the story.

The Tale of Dragons, by Babick01
Bit short, few endings (excludeing deaths), and could use more detail., November 1, 2017
by Peedeoo7 (North America)
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I would say you can complete this game in maybe 10 choices, and most choices don't matter, or end in the occasional death. Spoiler (Spoiler - click to show) There is only one end, and the only differences is where the ending takes place at, of course this is excluding deaths.

Unlike other stories, the text given is vary to the point, and is typically not lengthy. lore is thin, world building is little.

Dragon Fate, by Kris Schnee
Starts slow (which is not bad), but a vary enjoyable read., October 20, 2017
by Peedeoo7 (North America)
Particularly I find the ending sequences particularly entertaining. Unlike every other adventure your not swarmed by opponents, and the ones you do encounter make sense. There is a fair bit of lore, and if you look closely and pay attention alongside some brainpower, you can find the less obvious endings.

I find this game is best taken slowly, not super action packed, such there is no need to rush, and if you do you will miss things, (good hint)(Spoiler - click to show)re-combing the areas you been to could be a possibly good idea, if you know what I mean.

Some things that happen can mess with your mind a little (not in a bad way, rather quite amusing how it happens). Not all fates that end with you living are... what you expect.... So look around.

Surprisingly this is the first interactive novel that the author released and there already something to be desired.

Looking forwards to more.

The Road to Adventure, by Mighty Owlbear

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Nothing really here. Just a framework., October 20, 2017
by Peedeoo7 (North America)
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Nothing really to talk about. Extremely short. No proper story (or even a hint of one), unless this is a work of progress there is nothing really to see here.

Overall, don't bother unless there is a update. Possibly below 1,000 words long.

1-4 of 4