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one room

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To Hell in a Hamper, by J. J. Guest

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Satisfying Take on the One Room Game, March 10, 2013
by mrudis65
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The premise is simple enough. Lighten the balloon so that it rises enough to clear the volcano. Only one problem. There isn't any ballast to throw overboard. The only source of weight comes from your companion in the balloon. Obviously he is more than he appears to be, and stubbornly refuses to part with anything.

In the game "Violet" your enemy was your own distractibility. Slowly, surely, you had to be rid of every distraction so that you could finally sit down and write your thesis. Here, the enemy is Mr. Hubert Booby and his hidden acquisitions that are keeping the balloon from lifting.

The hardest part of this game is figuring out what to keep and what to throw overboard. No spoilers here, just recommend saving before tossing anything overboard... Undo only takes you back one move, so it's possible to discover several moves later that you needed something.

If you find the puzzles too difficult, there are in-game hints to help. No need for a walkthrough. There is, however a rather interesting puzzle near the end for which there are no hints. (Spoiler - click to show)When Booby's Aunt Gertie appears you need to find a way to safely get her overboard. If you still can't work it out,(Spoiler - click to show)Aunt Gertie will need a parachute. If still stuck, (Spoiler - click to show)make the parachute, and tie it to her. After that, (Spoiler - click to show)she won't go willingly. You'll have to pu__.

I'm not a big fan of one room puzzle boxes. But this game was one of the better one rooms I've played. Hence the 3 stars.

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