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Varicella, by Adam Cadre

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Very fun... if only it was not a 'replay puzzle' type of game!, October 18, 2007
by isd (Tokyo)
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I give 5 stars because even with absolutely no interest in palaces or royal family stuff the game got me interested from the start thanks to the exceptional writing (fun to read, fun to explore, simply fun to be there and to be Varicella, how unseemly!).
But this fun had a limit, and it was a time limit.
I played only once and died with no clue. What a shame, I was having so much fun exploring everything at my pace, I even surprised myself asking all the questions I could think of to the prince Louis just for laughing at his answers.
Why would a so enjoyable game have a time limit? Is it some kind of attempt at suicide-design?
When I realized the game was in fact to be explored many time through many lives I lost interest, mostly.
I thought it then looked more like archeology than actually enjoying a game.
Another "Guess What The Author Had In Mind" type of game, how unseemly!
What a shame since it is maybe the best IF game I have been given to try(not finish).

PS : I had liked the map to pop up in the game when typing 'map' instead of having an external file.

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