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Polls with votes for Aunts and Butlers

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Your favorite homebrew parser - 16 votes for 13 games; created October 25, 2015
A poll by MathBrush
Homebrew games don't get a lot of love here, but some of them are pretty good. What is your favorite homebrew game?

IF of yours you'd most recommend - 29 votes for 28 games; created September 9, 2015
A poll by blue/green
If someone were going to play one IF you've written, which one would you recommend? This can be based on any criteria you choose:...

Your very first game. - 60 votes for 33 games; created March 28, 2012
A poll by DustyCypress
Do you still remember when you played your very first IF? How did you get drawn (and perhaps addicted) to IF and have been playing still?...

A fine bit of homebrew - 6 votes for 4 games; created August 9, 2009
A poll by JonathanCR
Most games here are written with Inform, TADS, or other custom IF-writing languages. Some, however, are written in more standard and less...

1-4 of 4