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Member since September 12, 2014
Last visited April 25, 2017
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Rating system:

1 star: I don't like it.
2 stars: I sort of like it.
3 stars: I really like it.
4 stars: I like it very, very much.
5 stars: I'm bedazzled, flabbergasted and awestruck.

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Polls by Sobol

Mise-en-abīme - 7 votes for 7 games; created June 17, 2016
Mise-en-abīme is a technique of having a play within a play, a painting within a painting, etc. Let's list those interactive stories...

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Reviews by Sobol

Black Rock City, by Jim Munroe   October 6, 2016
"Black Rock City gave me the same relaxed feeling as did Beautiful Dreamer by S. Woodson. The PC doesn't have any clear goals, they just..." - See the full review

Superluminal Vagrant Twin, by C.E.J. Pacian   April 10, 2016
"Currently the biggest, most complex and most polished game by the author, Superluminal Vagrant Twin is a space trading simulator - an old..." - See the full review

ASCII and the Argonauts: Astral Plane, by Peter Berman   March 26, 2016
"Far less known than its namesake from the same SpeedIF competition, this easy one-puzzle game may still prove a pleasant bite-sized..." - See the full review

Firebird, by Bonnie Montgomery   February 23, 2016
"A curious mix of Russian folklore and American humor. Being a Russian, I was delighted to see familiar fairytale motives and phrases like..." - See the full review

Jetbike Gang, by C.E.J. Pacian   December 8, 2015
"A peculiar and amusing approach to the Twiny Jam constraints. The game has a relatively substantial story set in a vivid futuristic world..." - See the full review

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Played Games

Niney, by Daniel Spitz
If You're Here, by Serene Sherman
A Fly On The Wall, by Peregrine Wade
Bobby and Bonnie, by Xavid
Back Then, by Janelynn Camingue

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Wish List

Bigger Than You Think, by Andrew Plotkin
Beet the Devil, by Carolyn VanEseltine
Best of Three, by Emily Short
Changes, by David Given
Möbius, by J.D. Clemens

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