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Interactive Fiction by Denk

The Dragon Diamond, by Kenneth Pedersen (2016)
Your name is Bash, a famous warrior, ordered by the evil Queen Drana to obtain the fabled Dragon Diamond from the Forest of Fear. The queens chauffeur Leon drives you to the outskirts of the forest...

The Dragon Diamond, by Kenneth Pedersen (1987)
(1 rating)

Land of the Mountain King, by Kenneth Pedersen (2017)
(7 ratings)
You, the mighty Viking warrior Kral, are walking in the woods looking for prey, when you are suddenly shrouded in a cloud of white smoke. The smoke is too dense to see through, but eventually the...

The Royal Puzzle, by Kenneth Pedersen (2017)

Can you escape The Royal Puzzle with the treasure? This game is a remake of The Royal Puzzle contained in the game ZORK from 1979, also known as Dungeon. The royal puzzle was later included in the...

The Way Home, by Kenneth Pedersen (2016)

Your name is Bash, a famous warrior, who has just obtained the fabled Dragon Diamond from the Forest of Fear. You are now on your way to deliver the diamond to queen Drana, who ordered you to find...

Recommended Lists by Denk

Masterpieces - 7 items   April 17, 2018
There are many great games but only few games are in my opinion masterpieces. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Best of Level 9 - 5 items   August 10, 2017
After Infocom and Magnetic scrolls, Level 9 is perhaps the best known IF company. Though their first games had a very primitive parser,...

Best of ADRIFT 5 - 7 items   July 1, 2017
Unlike ADRIFT 4, ADRIFT 5 games require installation of ADRIFT 5 to be played (Gargoyle cannot play ADRIFT 5 games), which may explain...

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Polls by Denk

Maintained Hall of Fame / High score list - 14 votes for 12 games; created July 27, 2017
Maintained Hall of Fame or high score list is a great idea. Let's list those games where a maintained hall of fame/high score list is...

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Reviews by Denk

Trick or Treat, by David Whyld   June 3, 2018
"It has been 5 years since David Whyld last made an ADRIFT game. But it was worth the wait. Trick or Treat was made with ADRIFT 4, which..." - See the full review

Shadowpeak, by Kevin Bailey   June 3, 2018
"In this game you play the role as Loralang, a famed knight, which has to travel back in time and retrieve the golden sceptre and kill the..." - See the full review

Risorgimento Represso, by Michael J. Coyne   April 15, 2018
"In this parser game, you play the role of a student, who is by accident sucked into another world of magic where you become a wizard's..." - See the full review

Illuminismo Iniziato, by Michael J. Coyne   April 12, 2018
"This game is the sequel to Risorgimento Represso. Though I have never played Risorgimento Represso, I enjoyed this game immensely. In..." - See the full review

Leadlight, by Wade Clarke   April 9, 2018
"This is a horror game with rpg elements including random combat. And it is a good one. There are lots of puzzles but they are all..." - See the full review

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Denk's Play Lists

Played Games

Run, Bronwynn, Run!, by Larry Horsfield
Trick or Treat, by David Whyld
Shadowpeak, by Kevin Bailey
The Zyphur Riverventure, by Jim Jacobson
The Magic Kingdom, by David Cook

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Wish List

The Sword of Inari, by Matthew Clark
The House of Mystery, by James G. Lynch
The Bean Stalker, by Jack Welch
Maze of Madness, by Lurkio/Ant
Xen: The Contest, by Ian Shlasko

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