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David Welbourn

Kitchener, Ontario

Top 100 Reviewer
Member since October 20, 2007
Last visited September 14, 2018
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Interactive Fiction by David Welbourn

69,105 Keys, by David Welbourn (2009)
(61 ratings)
There's just one room. How hard can it be? Just unlock the door. Oh. There's 69,105 keys.

The Angel Curse, by David Welbourn (2003)
(3 ratings)
Neither the girl in the wheelchair nor the angel pendant she wears are quite what they seem to be. Written for Speed-IF 19.

Beanstalk the and Jack, by David Welbourn (2008)
(4 ratings)
The story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" - but backwards!

Cheeseshop, by David Welbourn (2002)
(22 ratings)
An interactive re-creation of Monty Python’s Cheeseshop sketch, where you try to buy some cheese.

Fajfeta sur la Luno, by David Welbourn (2002)

Four Days of Summer, by David Welbourn (2017)
(1 rating)
In this pleasant and silly game, spend the first four days of July with your friend David, a shameless author insertion character who seems inordinately fond of making interactive fiction...

The Fox, The Dragon, and The Stale Loaf of Bread, by David Welbourn (2005)
(3 ratings)
A bizarre fairy-tale adventure.

Krakatoa Tuna Melt, by David Welbourn (2002)
(2 ratings)
An interactive cookin' disaster. Written far too slowly for SpeedIF 10-9. Twelve locations.

A speedIF O entry, by David Welbourn (2001)
(3 ratings)
Get Neil Gaiman to sign your comic book collection. Very short; one room.

Squeaky on the Moon, by David Welbourn (2001)
(2 ratings)
A silly entry in the Pi-Theta-Alpha-Parallax Speed-IF. As Alvin the Chipmunk, rescue your landlady’s cat. Very short; four and a half rooms.

This is the game that I wrote, by David Welbourn (2006)
(3 ratings)
Written for SpeedIF Gruff on Jan. 21, 2006; the theme was fractured fairy tales. Vaguely inspired by "This is the house that Jack built."

Yay Games, by David Welbourn (2004)
(1 rating)
Relive the 2003 XYZZY Awards ceremony. (Well, okay, only the first half of the ceremony.) Written for SpeedIF Century. One location.

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Reviews by David Welbourn

Drama Class, by Arf   July 10, 2012
"The most charitable explanation for why the game's rooms, NPCs, and items are all (with extremely few exceptions) without any..." - See the full review

Dark Continent, by Conrad Knopf   May 23, 2011
"Dark Continent, frankly, is a bit of a mess. In distant echoes of Infidel, you've been abandoned by your hired help in Tunisia during..." - See the full review

Nebula, by Conrad Knopf   May 23, 2011
"Once upon a time, NASA sent you off to explore three planets. Your mission: collect an animal, a vegetable (or any plant, really), and a..." - See the full review

The Asian Challenge, by Conrad Knopf   May 22, 2011
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South America Trek, by Conrad Knopf   May 22, 2011
"South America Trek is an educational travelogue through every country in South America. Your character is supposedly tasked with a..." - See the full review

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Played Games

Ice House of Horrors, by Sean M. Shore
The Day I stabbed Stalin, by Marius Müller
The Day I came back, by Marius Müller
The Day I shot Alex, by Marius Müller
The Temple, by Johan Berntsson

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Wish List

The Colour Pink, by Robert Street
Walker & Silhouette, by C.E.J. Pacian
Backup, by Gregory Weir
Deadline Enchanter, by Alan DeNiro
Dastardly, by Andy Chase

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