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by Michael Berlyn

Science Fiction

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Cool concept, January 14, 2021
by End Master (The Outer Reaches Of Your Mind)
Suspended is another one I played through the Lost Treasures compilation. I actually do remember seeing the alternate box version with the neat cryo “mask” in stores, but once again was never one I bothered with.

Just as well since I doubt I would have gotten into the actual game that much as a younger child.

Now entire concept itself of being a meat popsicle that acts as a sort of integrated brain for a greater computer system that runs vital aspects of a planet is pretty intriguing. Add in the whole fact that the system is severely damaged due to disasters and you have to fix it before more people die is also a good plot motivator. In fact it reminds me a bit of another game called Seedship except more complex in terms of the challenges you have to accomplish to make sure more people don’t die.

Which brings me to the actual gameplay, which is, well another review said it best that it’s more like a simulation than anything else. Controlling various damaged robots to fix various things before they send someone from above to shut you down believing you’ve gone mad and are the one trying to destroy the world rather than save it.

I think that’s one of the plot holes of the game, of why if they could send in techs, why don’t they just do that to fix things themselves. I know there’s some stuff in the feelies that implies the government is just very inefficient to think that far ahead, but I think it could have been handled a bit better.

For example I could see some of the puzzles including trying to help the actual human techs that get down there to reach places that even you wouldn’t normally be able to (Or even fix the multi-purpose bot!) and if you did something wrong, the human techs die during the ongoing disasters eventually all leading up to all life on the surface being wiped out or destroyed to such a degree that nobody is coming down to do anything for a very long time leaving you to linger in cryo until the systems completely fail resulting in your death.

In any case, wasn’t exactly my thing, but like I said it was a good idea. Endings on how efficiently you saved lives I suppose adds replay value for some into more technical games like this.

However, I enjoyed the addition of “impossible mode” where the game just has the planet’s sun explode killing everyone anyway. (I mean impossible doesn’t mean “very hard” it means can’t be done!)