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Play as a living dungeon in this short looping game, December 3, 2017
by MathBrush
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I swear this game was different the first time I played it. In any case, what it is now is a living dungeon Twine game; you are a living dungeon, and adventurers come in in a cycle. You choose from a menu of 3 randomly generated options until either the adventurer dies, or succeeds.

I thought it was clever, and the graphic was helpful. But I felt like it could be further developed.

- hoopla, February 11, 2017

No ending other than death, February 8, 2017

by WorldSoFrozen (New York)
(Warning: This review might contain spoilers. Click to show the full review.) It is a pretty interesting game. I made it to 20 souls before trying to have an adventurer reach my heart after realizing there wasn't an ending where you as the dungeon wins.
All things considered, it was pretty nice, just needs an ending

- dream, January 21, 2017

- John of Thornwick, January 16, 2017

- IFforL2 (Chiayi, Taiwan), January 15, 2017

- E.K., January 15, 2017

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