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Das Spiel

by Alexander Klimon


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The game of growing up..., January 7, 2019
The beginning gave me the idea this would be a pretty conventional spooky story about a ghost in a lonely country house, but soon something seemed off. As you explore and re-explore the evocatively described rooms of the house, which pays off since some descriptions change randomly or change according to other events, I started to wonder why this often felt like an exploration of the protagonist's character as she reacts to the surroundings and gets an idea about the personality of the absent owner of the house.

The climax of the story is then actually an inner battle the protagonist has to fight, as she cleary does not approve of the game her friends want to play but feels peer pressured to tag along. The epilogue makes clear how she has solved this conflict and actually became a more developed person through the events, also choosing a certain route of education and a new friend because of the weekend.

This parallel telling of two narratives - on the one hand a ghost story with an original and satisfactory solution, on the other hand the story of a teenaged girl who finds out more about herself and learns to be honest about her feelings - makes this interactive short story impressive. Add to that highly polished and lyrical writing, an atmospheric soundtrack and attractive text formatting, and you have a short story which stays which you for a while after finishing.

(Needless to say you need a very good knowledge of German to understand the game, which the first reviewer obviously didn't have.)

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Nomad, January 8, 2019 - Reply
I'm German...
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