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Pogoman GO!

by Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman


Web Site

(based on 21 ratings)
4 member reviews

About the Story

The world is full of Pogomen, and now that you don’t have a job or family to worry about, you might as well get back to it!

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: October 1, 2016
Current Version: 15
License: Creative Commons
Development System: Inform
IFID: F346F28D-E369-4833-9FE7-960D22FA8890
TUID: hc6dudpdc9i2pmja


6th Place - 22nd Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2016)

Editorial Reviews

The Breakfast Review
The parody element is strong. There's also a strong sense of satire as we explore the corporate headquarters of the game in our efforts to be made a beta-tester, which is, of course, every gamer's dream. The puzzles we hit in our explorations are phrased as tests we must pass before the company--and Elon Musk--will consider us for the beta-testing career. They're not bad ... something of a break from the randomised battle and resource management (albeit very forgiving randomised battle and resource management) of the parts surrounding it.
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Number of Reviews: 4
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Most Helpful Member Reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
A very detailed game by 2 experienced authors, May 9, 2017
Pogoman GO! was written by the winners of the 2009 IfComp and the JayIsGames Casual Gameplay competition (one where heavyweights like zarf and Stephen Granade entered).

From any other authors, this would be an impressive game, but I ended up disappointed. This game is intricate, well over 100,000 words of code. It has dozens of locations, an intricate minigame with many characters and a combat system, and a well-thought out plotline. Tons of little fun response are added, and so on and so on.

So what's not to like? First, it's a parody of a flash-in-the-pan social event that was already outdated when the comp started. It's an in-joke that's not 'in'.

Second, it parodied the most annoying parts of the original: crashes, grinding, pop-up achievements, etc.

Third, the 'good part' that comes after the parody part is itself somehow dissatisfying, as if the beta testers didn't get to it themselves. There are good puzzles and interesting locations, but the cluing is off.

The cluing and storyline both suffer from the zaniness of the game; it introduces humorous elements, but fails to integrate them into the internal logic of the game. The solution may be funny, but why is that the solution out of all solutions that should work?

This is a lot of complaining, when the truth is that this is mechanically one of the best games of the last few years, and most people should have a good time with it.

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Great game! So entertaining, I played it through in one sitting., April 18, 2017
"Pogoman GO! Review" by A Guy Who's Never Played Anything Ending in GO!

When play begins:
The player is collecting Pogomen, (Spoiler - click to show)spinning pogostops, and hitting the gyms until enough attributes are built up to begin the next part of the game, which is when the feeling that you may as well be playing Pogoman subsides, and the real IF begins. (It's not that the beginning isn't actually IF; it actually is, but the game is so well-written, it feels like you are actually doing whatever you're 'doing' in the game. Hence, the first part feels like you're not playing IF in the classic sense, even though you definitely, totally are.)

When 'Act Two' begins:
Now the player is (Spoiler - click to show)in Nyantech, and it's time to use your brain (rejoice!) to learn how to get around as well as how to (Spoiler - click to show)get different colored badges. You (Spoiler - click to show)actually fight some Pogomen in one part, where you are eventually the one whom is in danger of being captured! (There are at least two storylines as far as escaping from this section is concerned, as well, so pay attention!)

In the third act, the player (Spoiler - click to show)has to fight two boss battles, then the player (Spoiler - click to show)chooses from numerous endings.

Act Three ends when the player has finished reading this review.

When Act Three ends:
End the review saying "You have (Spoiler - click to show)done the thing or the other thing! You enjoyed the game, and completed it(Spoiler - click to show) every way (except one! AARGH!) that you believe was possible. Now, you'll review the game, and probably play again tomorrow to see what you missed the first time. YOU HAVE WON!".

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Clever take on Pokemon, October 25, 2016
by streever (America)
Sharp, well-written, and packed with humorous moments. I didn't finish this game due to time constraints, but enjoyed it very much; I will pick it up again when I get the chance.

I found the actual mechanics of capturing pokemon--and seeing my medals, trophies, and XP go up--as engaging as trying to follow the narrative and plot.

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Average member rating: (4 ratings)
A tribute to Anchorhead.

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