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Der Besucher

by Zoltan Carnovasch

Slice of life

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Nice short game with an original idea, April 16, 2018
I guess this was the first game of the author since it seems in need of some polish - the writing is evocative, but needs quite some editing at times, and there are some typical beginner's errors like missing objects and so on. But still, the basic idea of the game is highly original and clever: an opera singer has to face her audience, but is missing her fan. As she is searching for it in her dressing room, she starts to reflect about the path of her career and a strange visitor who talks to her regularly. I especially liked the ending which stuck in my mind for some time.

What made me sad is that this was probably one of the last games written in TAG, an authoring tool written especially for the German language. Although it was a very strong tool and easy to use, the developer decided to discontinue it. A very bad decision for the German IF scene imho, which is virtually dead these days.

Sadly, this also seems to be the last game the author - using a somewhat funny pseudonym, if you remember the classic game Phantasmagoria - wrote. Reading the bizarre, agressive and overly harsh critique he got by one of the main figures of the German IF scene back then, Florian Edelbauer, it"s no wonder. Florian Edlbauer and his narcissist behaviour, which regularly drove people away from the scene, was one of the reasons the German IF scene died, as new people generally were simply not liked there and criticised to death. It seemed to be a club for members or insiders only. Well, now it's a graveyard, which might be what these arrogant people deserved, as sad as that sounds.

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