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Female Experience Simulator

by Alyson Macdonald profile

Slice of life

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I had a laugh, February 17, 2015
by namekuseijin (anywhere but home)
yet another clickable-static-fiction-passing-for-game. Like many of its brethren, this one too being a political manifest about some poor minority group being morally harassed - in this case, women. Everywhere they go, they are closely followed by those terrible monsters - the men.

anyway, one of the strong points of IF is putting you in the shoes of another self - the Player Character, in this IF, you take the role of one such poor harassed woman. You really feel sorry for being the object of desire of those damn bastards.

this snippet made me smile, so I gave the "game" one more star:

You're eyeing up the chocolate biscuits when a man starts tutting at you. "It would be a shame if a pretty girl like you let herself go."

Surprise! You've been sexually harassed. You feel so embarrassed that you have to go home and cry to your cat.

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namekuseijin, February 17, 2015 - Reply
yes, it's silly. I guess the author wanted to expose how silly all this really is - women afraid of men. So it employs sarcasm to actually point out something that, no matter how utterly silly it is, is very rightly going on in society these days: that men can't give way to their feelings towards women anymore without being lambasted an assailant, a criminal, almost a rapist. Perhaps it's all for the best and mankind can finally perish in peace of old age.

I actually liked the humor in there. shame it's not really IF at all.

what scares me is when people don't notice sarcasm...
Christina Nordlander, February 18, 2015 - Reply
"that men can't give way to their feelings towards women anymore without being lambasted an assailant, a criminal, almost a rapist."

You know what's even dumber than spending your life in fear of harassment? Spending your life in fear of someone turning down your advances.
<blank>, February 18, 2015 - Reply
Just a bit of context: I wrote a comment agreeing with a lot that namekusejin said. Then I rewrote it a lot. Then, finding no way in which I could express myself without opening myself to criticism, I decided to just +1 his review and deleted my comment.

And then he went and replied to my comment before it was gone. :)

My original comment is that it was quite silly, I felt, and I actually asked my girlfriend if this was in any way representative of what she felt as a woman. She was as surprised as I was by this piece, and we both thought it was more representative of the author than of any "female experience".
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