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Eric Mayer

Member since May 16, 2008
Last visited October 31, 2008
Profile ID (TUID): tyhhqligdbbp6ko5

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Interactive Fiction by Eric Mayer

Attack of the Terror Tabby!!!, by Eric Mayer (2008)
(10 ratings)

"Oh no! The cat's ticking. It must have swallowed a bomb!"

Doom Cat!!, by Eric Mayer (2003)
(2 ratings)

Oh no! The cat's ticking. It must have swallowed a bomb!

Doomed Xycanthus, by Eric Mayer (2001)
(4 ratings)

You've managed to get on the wrong side of a powerful wizard. Maybe you can find help in the fabled lost city of Xycanthus.

Even Bantams get the Blues, by Eric Mayer (2001)
(3 ratings)

A lovelorn chicken tries to cross the freeway.

The Green Princess, by The Invisible Man (2002)
(1 rating)

The HeBGB Horror!, by Eric Mayer (1999)
(7 ratings)

"What ever happened to those legendary punk rockers The Laughing Kats? If you can discover the terrible secret lurking in the HeBGB rock club you might just become a star." [--blurb from...

Lost, by Eric Mayer (2001)
(1 rating)

"A short story about a man stopping by a woods on a snowy evening..." [From Carl Muckenhoupt's review at Baf's]

The Secret in the Mithraeum, by Eric Mayer
(1 rating)

My first learning experience. Mind you, this isn't really fiction but rather a vignette, a bit of a scene you can move around through. I thought I'd make it available just for fun, a kind of John...

The Thorn, by Eric Mayer (2003)
(3 ratings)

The search for a mysterious, mystical thorn bush brings you to a ruined abbey in a desolate part of the Fens.

A Walk At Dusk, by Eric Mayer (2005)

You search for the tree frog you can hear trilling in the growing darkness. An interactive essay.

Wax Worx, by Eric Mayer (2004)
(1 rating)

Whoever you are, you're trapped in a wax museum exhibit devoted to famous murderers.

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Not Too Long, Not Too Difficult - 8 items   May 17, 2008
Being impatient and puzzle-challenged, I prefer rather short games that I can make it through without resorting to hints every other...

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