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Games for iPhone or other mobile devices - an IFDB Poll

by DenniaDale
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This is simple and I'm sure the list will grow as new games are developed, but what IF games are available for the iPhone, or like devices? I'm aware of one called "Cathy's Book" which looks like a lot of fun, at least for girls, but what else is there?
(I saw "iPhone" in one of the reviews here but I can't remember where and searching does not show it.)

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verityvirtue, May 8, 2015 - Reply
Agree with the recommendation for Choice of Games. They release some of their games as standalone iOS apps every now and then, and most of them are free to play.

Frotz has the plus of pre-downloading games so you don't need to trawl IFDB to download the classic favourites like Lost Pig, Photopia and so on.

Inkle studios has a standalone iOS app called Future Voices, featuring the Inkle stories of the winners of their in-house competition. Unfortunately you can't add to this collection - it would be nice if it functioned like Frotz.

A Dark Room is a made-for-mobile game which is also nice, though not entirely IF, especially in the 'text-based' bit.
JonathanCR, April 2, 2010 - Reply
You can get Frotz for the iPhone. Search for it in the app store.

Originally, it allowed you to download pretty much any Frotz-compatible game and store them all on your phone - just as Stanza and other book reading apps allow you to download books and keep them. However, Apple apparently decided after a while that this broke one of their rules, and now iPhone Frotz doesn't allow you to do that, but instead comes with a large library of games ready installed. Since I had spent some time downloading all the games I wanted, I have never updated it and still have the original version. Yayy!

It is perfectly usable, but the iPhone screen keyboard is not ideal for playing these. I'm sure it will be fantastic on the iPad though...

Also, search for a game called Choice of the Dragon. It is a wittily written multiple choice game.
tggdan3, April 2, 2010 - Reply
I have a frotz style interpreter for my blackberry- which allows me to play almost any z-machine game only the blackberry. Not made especially for it, but seems like any game can be played on mobile then.
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