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Type-in games - an IFDB Poll

by Fredrik
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I can only guess that I was not the only one spending hours upon hours typing in those BASIC listings from magazines and books back in the 80s. And unavoidably learning the art of programming in the process. Not to mention gleaning several of the game's secrets from the game messages. And debugging, both my own mistakes and the original programmer's bad code.

And while most of those games were pretty lame, there were a few good ones. Or at least original. Or at least fascinating. Or at least you had to play them because of all those hours spent on typing them.

So what were some of your favourites?

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Comments on the poll

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Ghalev, January 4, 2011 - Reply
This is a groovy poll.
Fredrik, January 4, 2011 - Reply
I should like to think so, too. Let's hope it prompts people to not only vote, but also add some of those obscure games to the database.
Wade Clarke, January 5, 2011 - Reply
I just added the 3 main Usborne book games to IFDB - Island of Secrets, Haunted House and Mystery of Silver Mountain. These all had a book to themselves. There may be a few others like Micropuzzle which were just one adventure game out of about a dozen listings in a book.
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