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At Anchor, by B Minus Seven
Average member rating: (5 ratings)

You go on shore for fresh water.

Choice of the Pirate, by Alana Joli Abbott
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

Plunder ghost ships for cursed treasure! Battle the Crown Navy, sea monsters, and other bloodthirsty pirates on a quest to rival the Pirate King himself! "Choice of the Pirate" is a fast-paced swashbuckler...

Code-10, by casper_nn
Average member rating: (1 rating)

A story about a space infantry major. It's a turn-based strategy with the gameplay similar to "Space Hulk: Death Angel" card game. Any fan of "XCom", "Alien Assault", "Aliens" and "Starship troopers" will...

Dead Man's Hill, by Arno von Borries
Average member rating: (5 ratings)

Mutual slaughter in northern France, spring 1916.

Galaxy's Edge, by Graham Nelson

The Discovery (Part 1 of Galaxy’s Edge), is a conventional but well-constructed adventure in which you roam the stars in the Scout Ship Orion and unravel an intergalactic mystery. The second part, Escape...

Son of Camelot, by Finn Rosenløv
Average member rating: (1 rating)

This is the third chapter in my trilogy of Camelot. Like the others, although there is a thread through them, this chapter too is made as a separate adventure and can be played without knowledge of earlier...

Starship Adventures, by Felicity Banks (editor), Jac Colvin, Eric Moser, and Doctor, and Adrao
Average member rating: (2 ratings)

You’re a naturally heroic and quick-thinking space captain flying a starship from world to world while keeping your hair groomed to perfection. It’s your duty to keep the engine running, the scotch flowing,...

The Way Home, by Kenneth Pedersen

Your name is Bash, a famous warrior, who has just obtained the fabled Dragon Diamond from the Forest of Fear. You are now on your way to deliver the diamond to queen Drana, who ordered you to find the...

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