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News for Room 206

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Release 2.0 out now!
January 22, 2011
Release 2.0 adds a number of features, including improved navigation ("direction" keywords are now emphasized in the text), faster-paced flow to scripted events, better compatibility with the latest version of Alan, and walkthrough, cover art, and Windows interpreter bundled with the download. This will be the definitive version for the time being, as the previously announced Inform build will be taking a backseat to other projects (this version includes most of the enhancements that had been implemented in that build so far), so now is the time to enter Room 206. Come stay with us....
Release 1.2 Now Available
November 14, 2010
Release 1.2 fixes a potentially game-breaking bug involving inventory limits and tweaks a few things here or there. Note: this is NOT the full keyword update, which will be released as a z-code file.
-The Author
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