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Birthday Simulator, by Jon Prime
Sundance's Rating:

Horizon - Chapter One, by Storysmash

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Dark Story, April 3, 2018
Not so much of a puzzle game, but more of a story with choices. This is titled Chapter one, so I guess there's more coming. I liked the characters. The music is original (I found the youtube channel of the composer, he is a very good musician it seems, with his own albums out). The graphics are very good, I think they are actually heavily photoshopped photographs. I was going to give this a slightly lower score at first because it's quite short, but "Chapter 1" meant I gave it a full 5.

Mama Possum, by Bravemule
Best game I've played so far, March 27, 2018
Honestly, I love this game, by far the best I've played so far. I like the use of graphics, I felt like I was playing a game instead of an experimental piece of writing.

Lost and Found, by Felicity Drake
Great story, March 27, 2018
I really enjoyed the story and how it evolves. The photographs were a nice touch. I did feel though that there should be a follow on to this game, Lost & Found 2?

Spacing Out, by Ivailo Daskalov
Rating?, March 27, 2018
The cover image looks interesting, but there's nowhere to download this game from what I can see? And if there isn't a download link, how can it have been reviewed? I've omitted my review from the overall rating so it doesn't affect it's score.

1-5 of 5