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The Lighthouse, by Eric Hickman and Nathan Chung
This review is longer than the game, April 15, 2015
Let's see, 27 moves in four minutes. That speed typing in high school really did the trick. Believe it or not, there is a Brass key and a Crystal key. Guess which one opens which door. Well, that is not hard since finding the keys is linear. The entire four minutes is three to four containers and the game would not last that long except for the number of non-consequential items (e.g. a desk) that do nothing, contain nothing, and cannot be acted upon in any way shape or form.

Play Nice, by alicethornburgh
CYOA Diplomacy 101, April 9, 2015
Play Nice is a one alien race diplomacy game. Your assistant provides a pregame background on the cultural do's and don'ts and it's off to the diplomatic dinner.

The good and the bad is the same: the game is way too short. You can run through all the bad endings and the good ending in about 15-20 minutes. That left me with the feeling that this was an experience to be enjoyed but not really a game. Each point and click choice either killed you instantly or allowed you to proceed to the next page. Restated, there is no branching in this story; just guess the wrong response or guess the correct response. Somehow I just did not feel that I was actually participating.

But concept wise, let's market it and get Emily S to make it into a full fledged adventure.

1-2 of 2